Tuesday, July 14, 2015

What Not To Do

Here's a tip. If you're white, do not make an exhibit about a black man murdered by police. And don't hire a white artist to make the model of said black man lying dead face down in the street. And definitely don't do it without even consulting his parents who are obviously still grieving for their murdered son who received no justice.

Mike Brown’s father outraged by Chicago art exhibit featuring life-sized replica of teen’s dead body.

“I really, really, really would like for them to take that away,” Michael Brown, Sr. told local KTVI. “I think it’s really disturbing, disgusting… That picture is still in my head.” 
He said he struggles every day to function by compartmentalizing the image of his son’s death and staying busy. But the art exhibit brings that day back.


Moore declined to comment when requested by the Guardian. But the gallery owners defended the exhibit. 
“This [exhibition] is something that needs to stay alive because we need to do what Ti-Rock says and understand what white privilege does to the African American community,” Frances Guichard told the Guardian.


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