Friday, July 3, 2015

Today In "Things That Made Me Cry"


Well, more like face policing.

As a woman with pale skin, naturally dark circles under her eyes, and who struggled with acne for many years (it still crops up sometimes), this touched me deeply. I've seen a lot of body positive stuff lately focusing on weight and sometimes even showing and celebrating stretch marks, and they're all wonderful, but the women in those photos all have otherwise perfect skin, untouched by acne. Which is kind of ridiculous, considering how many people have it to some extent.

Even this video doesn't address body acne, which I've also struggled with, along with like 40% of the population or something. I look at body positive photos and the woman in this video with flawless shoulders and an untouched chest, when it wasn't long ago that I would have looked wistfully at her, feeling as though I could never show my skin like that.

So yeah, let's start talking about acne and scars and psoriasis and other skin conditions and "flaws" right now. Because I did not need to spend like 16 years of my life feeling ugly and unlovable because I had some very common red bumps on my skin.

Also, that "false advertising" bullshit? Go fuck yourselves, you unworthy pieces of moldy hamburger buns.

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