Thursday, July 30, 2015

Pro-Lifers Attack Planned Parenthood, Make Themselves Look Like Assholes

If you have to blatantly lie to make any kind of a point, your position is pretty damn weak, don't you think? Unfortunately, there are domestic terrorists in the U.S. who will do anything to stop abortions, even if it means lying and hacking and preventing millions of people from getting the information and health care they need that has nothing to do with abortion.

Planned Parenthood has endured two DDoS attacks in a week and are rightly fighting back by pointing out how fucked up it is to bring down a website that has a shit ton of information and resources for low income people who need reproductive health care, including those planning to actually have a baby.

Even worse, the hackers apparently "gained access to Planned Parenthood's website databases and the names and email addresses of its employees."

This shit is making me want to work at Planned Parenthood because damn, those people have some guts. The organization has become a scapegoat for the unfocused anti-choice, right-wing hatred of bodily autonomy and no amount of "97% of the services we provide are not related to abortion" will change that. But they stick to their guns and they refuse to apologize for the abortion services they do provide. Because bodily autonomy is a human right.

You can donate to Planned Parenthood through their website. Also I think we should all come together to demand that the FBI investigate these domestic terrorist cyber attacks. Because this is fucking terrorism.

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