Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Nothing is More Fragile Than the Male Ego


A couple days of reversing the narrative by proclaiming that women are better at sports than men and I've got men coming out of the woodwork to cry and moan that "NO, MEN ARE BETTER. MEN ARE BETTER AT THE SPORTS. MEN BETTTERRRRRRRR."

Good gravy, will you all calm down? I've got some guy called "Shank" on my blog and a full Tumblr inbox of sad men. We've had an eternity of men claiming that they're better at all the sports than women and assuming it's some universal truth. It's so important to them that they literally cannot handle it if it's suggested otherwise.

Do I seem like the kind of person who cares much about sports? I don't actually care at all who is better. The whole conversation is cissexist and gender essentialist. Hell, pretty much every sport is so transphobic that they'll flip out over the idea that a trans person should participate with the correct gender. FIFA actually has a fucking "sex test" for World Cup players which is incredibly transphobic and invasive, even though, according to actual science, there is no such thing as a "sex test."

Teams are being segregated based on rigorously enforced transphobic gender stereotypes. This is an actual problem.

Then there's the fact that baby girls are discouraged from being physical in a way that baby boys are not, which affects their development. Parents have lower expectations for girls from the moment they start becoming at all mobile.

Then there's all the other influences on people's physical ability. Most sports are only accessible to those who are 100% able-bodied. I talk about women's sports but really nobody cares about disabled persons' sports. Class plays a role. Many sports are expensive. Mental health plays a role. I was pretty damn good at soccer but my depression sure made it hard to enjoy it or want to ever practice outside of mandatory team practices.

Sports can be great for a lot of people. For some, it can be the only viable way out of the horrific cycle of poverty. Which is its own problem. But the way we view sports and the way we worship only "the best," who are only the best because of luck of birth and privilege, is a problem. Boys who aren't good at sports for whatever reason are still bullied constantly. Can you at least find it in yourself to consider that a problem, guys?

The fact that all men can focus on is desperately trying to prove their better than women just speaks to the awful fragility of the male ego. It apparently makes it impossible for them to think of others.

Men don't deserve more attention and more money just because they're allowed to be more physical in infancy, encouraged more to play sports and do other physical activities as children, and constantly told that they have to be better than girls or elSE OH GOD THEIR MANLINESS IS SO THREATENED AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH.

Just like baseball players don't deserve more money than people who play sports that are actually difficult and dangerous and entertaining. But they get paid a shit ton in this country for some reason.

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