Friday, July 24, 2015

Not Being Arrested For Existing is a Cis Privilege


Cis privilege is being allowed to exist at a time and in a place without having the cops called on you for prostitution. Cis privilege is not having to worry about being arrested for not having a prescription for the medication you desperately need because insurance companies won't cover it due to transphobia.

This woman, Meagan Taylor, should never have been arrested. But thanks to transmisogynistic and whorephobic hotel employees who failed to mind their fucking business, she had to deal with police going through her personal effects because the employees thought she and her friend were "males dressed as females" and assumed they were sex workers.

This is fucked up on the level that they misgendered these trans women and assumed they must have been there for sex work, and on the other level that criminalizing sex work that many trans women have to turn to in order to survive lands them in jail for doing other things they need to do to survive (obtain affordable hormones).

And Taylor's one of the lucky ones. Trans women who have been arrested for sex work and other survival methods often end up stuck in a male prison where they suffer the kind of abuse and violence that I can't even think about too hard. Taylor was released, thank god, but too many trans women remain in prison because of our transphobic, transmisogynistic society.

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