Tuesday, July 28, 2015



Someone tried to post a comment on my recent post about how misoygnists are losers saying that the f-slur (the homophobic word, not "fuck") no longer has homophobic connotations in "gamer culture" because it's been used by gamers for such a very long time as an insult.

No. Just no. I consider myself a gamer, and let me tell you something about "gamer culture." Firstly, it's a subculture based around a hobby. Don't make it out to be more special than it is.

Secondly, NO.

The fact that gamers have used that word so much and for so long as an insult does not make it better. It makes it much, much worse. It makes me feel utterly disgusted to be a part of the subculture. It makes me want to burn all of my video games and my laptop, and then go seek you out to burn yours.

And either way, do you know how often that word is still used in a blatantly and maliciously homophobic fashion around the world? Do you know how often gay people are still beaten and murdered while people scream that word at them?

Oh, and if you're going to call yourself "a homosexual," that's about as convincing as when I get anonymous messages from people saying they're "a female." But even if you are gay, you're probably some privilege white gay dude living in a liberal country or liberal area of the US where you don't have to hide yourself or fear that one night you're going to hear a crowd screaming that word outside your bedroom window followed by a brick flying through the glass followed by fire and death. So kindly shut the absolute fuck up. You don't speak for all gay people. You don't speak for all lesbians or bisexual people. You don't speak for the pansexual and other practically unknown sexualities that are always left out of discussions.

So no. Absolutely not. Let me declare right here and right now that if you come onto my blog trying to argue that it's somehow okay for gamers to use the f-slur as a casual insult because we've used it so much it's lost all meaning to our privileged asses, know that I hate you and will ban you immediately because fuck you, rot in hell.

And no, it's also not okay for non-black people to use the n-slur, even if you remove the "er" and replace it with an "a," fucking stop talking.

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