Friday, July 24, 2015

Male Tears Time


There’s a huge freaking difference between shit talking, and bullying. 
But most of these articles and “papers” are written by women, who live in a woman’s world, and don’t understand the first thing about what it’s really like to be a man. The others are by men who are basically women but doesn’t realize it–they were likely forced to grow up in a woman dominated, catty, passive-aggressive world.

Women are "catty" but men can't lose in a video game without having a total meltdown and screaming slurs at strangers. Apparently "being a man" means being a sore loser.

It’s not that we hate women. With gaming being a predominantly male hobby, it’s going to have elements of masculinity, competitiveness, and testosterone floating about. When people shit talk, they will use any sort of “weakness” that you have and attack it. If you’re unskilled, you’re a noob/scrub. If you’re an obvious underaged child, you get called a kid. If someone needs a quick all-purpose insult, you’re now a faggot.

Firstly, gaming stopped being predominantly male years ago. And once again, apparently being a man means thinking that being gay or a woman is a weakness and the best way to deal with losing is to "shit-talk," in other words have a little tantrum in which they use slurs that have traditionally been screamed at gay people/women while they're being beaten and murdered by straight men.

That's GamerGate for you. Constantly using the f-slur, defending its use no matter how clearly homophobic and terrible it is, and demeaning men by painting them as little children incapable of empathy, utterly ignorant of history, completely selfish, and prone to crying, screeching meltdowns when they lose at a video game.

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