Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Male As Default: Sex Drive

Something occurred to me after my boyfriend mentioned that there's a theory about how humanity became so fucked up. The theory is that we started going downhill when we stopped doinking to the rhythm of nature. Other mammals having a mating season so that the doinking only happens at the best possible time for raising children.

Then we starting fucking each other all willy nilly and, well...

That got me thinking about what we in the US tend to think of as a "healthy sex drive." What do we mean by that? Generally, we think that someone with a healthy sex drive has sex a lot or wants to have sex a lot. This, of course, is based on the "male sex drive."

But we expect men to want to have sex all the time. They're supposed to think about it every six seconds or whatever. It's so bad that we can't even let underage girls wear tank tops in school because it will apparently completely distract the boys and, even grosser, grown-ass male teachers.

Why in the hell do we base the idea of a healthy sex drive on how much men want to have sex? Look where we are. Overpopulation and the resulting pollution has brought us to the brink of being completely fucked via climate change. Men can't function when they see bra straps. THIS IS NOT HEALTHY BEHAVIOR. THIS IS NOT ADAPTIVE. WE'RE ABOUT TO WIPE OUR OWN SPECIES OUT, SHIT.

Maybe everything men do shouldn't be assumed to be healthy and normal?

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