Friday, July 10, 2015

Mail Time!


Another fine citizen has emailed me to alert people about a terrible thing happening. No, really, it's okay to email me about this stuff. No matter how horrifying it is. Ugh.


Hi Lindsey, 
I read something really dreadful this morning, enough to make one lose hope in humanity. In Hanoi, men attacked and molested girls at a water park. Sadly, nothing is being done to support the victims or punish the perpetrators, and it's from a part of the world we don't hear much of. Maybe if we share this story enough, something will be made about this. So I thought you would like to at least know about this, if you don't already :  
Have a nice day and please continue to smash the patriarchy, I love your work. 

Thanks, Diane.

If you don't want to go to the link or are having trouble with the small font, the short version is that a water park opened in Hanoi and it was popular enough to be very crowded. Then groups of 70 to 80 boys and grown men started getting together to literally mob girls and women in the park, splashing them with water to immobilize them, pushing their heads under the water, ripping off their swimsuits and sexually assaulting and raping them.

The guys doing this were bragging about it on social media. Authorities are, of course, saying it's the girls' fault for wearing bikinis to a fucking water park or just denying it altogether in spite of video and photo evidence and screencaps of the social media bragging.

According to the Tumblr post, this is the guy who started it all.

70 to 80 fucking men and boys. Why are males such fucking animals?

I really don't know what to do about this other than spread it on Tumblr. I think I'll look into finding petitions and people to email about this shit later but for now I think I need to distract myself with happy things.

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