Wednesday, July 8, 2015

I'll Give You Historical Accuracy


I'm totally stealing this from images of tweets I've seen on Tumblr, but the "historical accuracy" argument people use to defend the gratuitous use of rape in programs like Game of Thrones. And it's not just because Game of Thrones is fantasy, set in a fantasy land that includes magic and dragons and zombies.

And it's more than bullshit, too.

Lately I've seen people point out that if you want real historical accuracy for a medieval type period, then you'd better prepare for the body hair. Women didn't shave their legs and armpits back then. You'd also be ready to see sewage running through the streets and people being stricken with dysentery. Brace yourself for yellow, crooked teeth because there was no Ye Olde Orthodontist.

If your response to that is "nobody wants to see that" then you need to immediately drop the "historical accuracy" bullshit and then ask yourself why you do want to see women getting raped.

Because the sooner men can admit that they get off to seeing women raped, the sooner we can address the problem. Kay?

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