Friday, July 3, 2015

Drop Greece's Debt

Because I'm making a thing on debt forgiveness that will be in an actual print magazine and required a ton of research like damn, I can sound all kinds of educated by explaining the following:

Greece is, as you probably know, buried in debt to other countries, and it's choking the life out of the economy. Their youth unemployment rate is still around 50% while their citizens are drowning under an extremely high "emergency tax" meant solely to help the country pay its debts.

So now the country and many others outside of Greece are demanding that the debts are forgiven. It's already been pointed out that a huge amount of Germany's debts were forgiven after WWII. Much of Europe and the US participated in cancelling over half of all that Germany owed them.

Here's the fun part. You know why the EU and US don't want to forgive Greece's debts? Because they can't use Greece as a "bulwark against communism."

Creditors to West Germany were keen to stabilise the country’s politics and economics, so that it could be a ‘bulwark against communism’. This unique political reasoning led to creditors adopting a much more enlightened approach to dealing with a country’s debt, which has unfortunately not been repeated in debt crises of the last thirty years – in Latin America and Africa (1980s and 1990s), East Asia (mid-1990s), Russia and Argentina (turnof the millennium) and Europe today.

Isn't that funny? They're gonna continue to let the people of Greece suffer and die because, hey, we can't use you to stop the commies, so what's in it for us? HAHAHAHAHAhahahaha fuck you.

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