Thursday, July 16, 2015

Bill Cosby Has the Medal of Freedom


So Bill Cosby has been upgraded to a confessed rapist now that court documents were released showing that he confessed to obtaining sedatives to use on women he wanted to "have sex with" (rape). Obviously you can't have consensual sex with drugged people, so he's a confessed rapist.

You've probably seen people talking about how hilarious it is that nobody would believe the 40+ women accusing him of rape until it was revealed that he straight up confessed to it, and apparently Cosby's wife is trying to say that all the women consented to being drugged. Because yeah, who doesn't like being unconscious for sex?

Anyway, some people recently brought up the fact that Cosby was awarded the Medal of Freedom in 2002 by George W. Bush. They started a We the People petition to get that revoked. By the time it had only 10,000 signatures, Obama was already game to address it. He says that there's no "precedent" or "mechanism" to revoke the honor, but I say, make one! Hell, just send the National Guard to his house to ransack it until they find the medal and take it away.

I do appreciate Obama's statement on the issue:

"If you give a woman or a man without his or her knowledge a drug and then have sex with that person without consent that's rape. And I think this country and any civilized country should have no tolerance for rape."

Maybe just send him a new medal that says "Fuck You, Rapist."

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