Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Amazing Women of Color

I wrote a bit about how ol' Bernie totally missed the mark when his debate was interrupted by Black Lives Matter people. But what I missed was how awesome the protesters are, especially the black woman who took the stage. Luckily, she knows how awesome she is.

I Am the Black Woman Who Interrupted the Netroots Presidential Town Hall, and This Is Why

The strength, strategies and success of African-Americans leading the civil rights movement laid the foundation for all progressive movements today. Black leadership must be foregrounded and central to progressive strategies if we are to achieve a multi-racial democracy with social and economic justice for all people. Though some don't agree with how we went about bringing the issue to the forefront, by thrusting ourselves into the national spotlight, we shed new light and gave greater importance to this urgent issue. We hope our choice will inspire new and bold action toward dismantling systemic racism. 

Read the whole thing. It's so powerful. She does not hold back, calling out the criminalization, brutalization, and genocide of black Americans. Tia Oso is my new hero.

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