Thursday, July 23, 2015

Activism Opportunity: #IllGoWithYou

This is awesome. Someone's started a thing in which cis people can wear buttons that say #IllGoWithYou that let trans people know they can go up to you and ask you to accompany them to a public bathroom. That way they can feel safe knowing that they have a trans-friendly buddy who will protect them from gross transphobes while they're just trying to have a piss.

There's a whole website explaining how it works.

And here is where you can buy your button. I got mine!

Great photo of buttons courtesy of I’ll Go With You friend Ronnie K.

Make sure, if you're cis, to read all the instructions for buddies. Buttons are $1 a piece, plus reasonable shipping charges. You can also buy packs of many buttons for a considerable discount. Button up!

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