Friday, July 31, 2015

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Yes, I'm one of those.

So pretty...

Headline of the Month

Huckabee Floats Plan To Deploy U.S. Troops To Stop Women From Getting Abortions

"Small government."

What Are They Gendering Today?

The horror.


Anti-Feminists Fail Miserably, Everybody Laughs At Them

Apparently a couple days ago some trolls on 4chan or 8chan or 16chan or whatever, who cares, tried to create a fake account for a fake feminist convention so that they could con us out of some money. Everyone saw right through it and their Twitter account is already gone.

If you try to look up that Twitter account now, you'll get nothing but a bunch of other people mocking the pathetic attempt to trick feminists with quality tweets like this:

Gee, I wonder why no one believed the fake accounts supporting the fake convention.

Thursday, July 30, 2015

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That is so me when people fuck with Planned Parenthood.

Recommended Reading


This is a really fucked up and sad story.

Growing Up Inside: How the Cards Are Stacked Against America’s ‘Youngest Murderers’

Summary: 16 years ago, two black children, 12 and 13, killed a male family member who had been sexually abusing them, plus their father and his girlfriend who had failed to do anything about it. They were both tried as adults and sentenced to 18 years in prison. Curtis and Catherine Jones are just now about to be released.

First of all, killing a child molester and people who enable child molesters is an act of self defense and a great service to the community (THAT IS NOT A JOKE).

Second, trying a 12-year old and a 13-year-old as adults is fucking ridiculous and horrible. They were children. Do you have any idea how much development their brains still needed to go through? And instead of getting help, they were thrown in prison where their developing and already traumatized minds would be utterly fucked up. Who the fuck does that.

Lastly, the kids are black. If you think that two white kids would have been treated the same way then hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha. You're racist.

The article in question is basically about how this now-adult pair has no chance. Nobody's going to hire them. They have nowhere to go. They have no idea how to perform the basic functions of adulthood outside of prison.

The cards are stacked against their success outside prison. Studies of youths released from correctional facilities have found that an average of 70 to 80 percent are rearrested within two to three years. Because the Jones siblings grew up behind bars, they have never known adult life outside a correctional institution.

There was no rehabilitation for these kids. Failed by the adults in their lives, they took what they viewed as their only way out of horrific abuse. And instead of giving them the care and trauma therapy they needed, the system threw them in prison where they would get no education, gain no skills, and be subjected to further abuse.

They should have been met with compassion and put in a safe environment where they could heal. Instead they were thrown in the trash and now what? We expect them to be functional adults?

Our justice system is an absolute, embarrassing failure. Their entire lives have been ruined by it. There is no justice for black people in the U.S. None.

World Record-Holding Bodybuilder is a Trans Woman!

Janae Marie Kroc just revealed that she's a trans woman. Another world class athlete coming out to the world and rejecting the shame that said world wants to impose upon her.

Translation: Hero.

You can see the full open letter she released here (warning: article uses her dead name).

Or you can read this article which fully respects her pronouns and uses her real name.

She actually not only identified herself as trans, she describes herself as genderfluid and a lesbian. She calls herself "both hyper-masculine and hyper-feminine" and says she's still not 100% certain of what she needs to do to be at peace with herself.

This is some incredible, gender-binary-smashing shit. I love it. I love her. Congratulations, Janae!

Pro-Lifers Attack Planned Parenthood, Make Themselves Look Like Assholes

If you have to blatantly lie to make any kind of a point, your position is pretty damn weak, don't you think? Unfortunately, there are domestic terrorists in the U.S. who will do anything to stop abortions, even if it means lying and hacking and preventing millions of people from getting the information and health care they need that has nothing to do with abortion.

Planned Parenthood has endured two DDoS attacks in a week and are rightly fighting back by pointing out how fucked up it is to bring down a website that has a shit ton of information and resources for low income people who need reproductive health care, including those planning to actually have a baby.

Even worse, the hackers apparently "gained access to Planned Parenthood's website databases and the names and email addresses of its employees."

This shit is making me want to work at Planned Parenthood because damn, those people have some guts. The organization has become a scapegoat for the unfocused anti-choice, right-wing hatred of bodily autonomy and no amount of "97% of the services we provide are not related to abortion" will change that. But they stick to their guns and they refuse to apologize for the abortion services they do provide. Because bodily autonomy is a human right.

You can donate to Planned Parenthood through their website. Also I think we should all come together to demand that the FBI investigate these domestic terrorist cyber attacks. Because this is fucking terrorism.

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

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Please Please Please Please Please Please

Jay-Z and Beyonce Attempt to Buy Rights To Confederate Flag To Prevent Further Use

Oh please please please please let it be true please let this happen please.

"All Lives Matter" is Racist


If you need some proof that the whole "All Lives Matter" thing is racist, check out this actual vandalism of a beautiful Sandra Bland mural in Ottawa.

Day 1:

Day 2:

Who the FUCK vandalizes a mural of a woman who just died to say "All Lives Matter"? Racists, that's who.

That's why people say "all lives matter" whenever the value of black lives come up. Because they're threatened by the very idea of black people coming to realize that their lives have as much value as white people's.

And that is the only time it comes up.

Click to Enlarge

Male As Default: Sex Drive

Something occurred to me after my boyfriend mentioned that there's a theory about how humanity became so fucked up. The theory is that we started going downhill when we stopped doinking to the rhythm of nature. Other mammals having a mating season so that the doinking only happens at the best possible time for raising children.

Then we starting fucking each other all willy nilly and, well...

That got me thinking about what we in the US tend to think of as a "healthy sex drive." What do we mean by that? Generally, we think that someone with a healthy sex drive has sex a lot or wants to have sex a lot. This, of course, is based on the "male sex drive."

But we expect men to want to have sex all the time. They're supposed to think about it every six seconds or whatever. It's so bad that we can't even let underage girls wear tank tops in school because it will apparently completely distract the boys and, even grosser, grown-ass male teachers.

Why in the hell do we base the idea of a healthy sex drive on how much men want to have sex? Look where we are. Overpopulation and the resulting pollution has brought us to the brink of being completely fucked via climate change. Men can't function when they see bra straps. THIS IS NOT HEALTHY BEHAVIOR. THIS IS NOT ADAPTIVE. WE'RE ABOUT TO WIPE OUR OWN SPECIES OUT, SHIT.

Maybe everything men do shouldn't be assumed to be healthy and normal?

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

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Recommended Reading

This has already been said so many times in so many ways for years, but I think this article, shared with my by a dear trans friend, really does a good job explaining the privilege gap in the LGBTQAIP+ community and why so many of them were actually depressed by the legalization of same-sex marriage across the US and the resulting celebration.


The Queers Left Behind: How LGBT Assimilation Is Hurting Our Community's Most Vulnerable

After all, although marriage is a declaration of love, in many ways it is also an expression of interpersonal stability, economic security and social respectability -- attributes that many marginalized LGBT people do not have. So while love may have won for middle and upper class gays, many transgender people, queer people of color and queer homeless youths instead find themselves left behind by a community that has become increasingly defined by the interests of its white, cisgender, middle and upper class members.

In the US especially, weddings are a huge and very expensive affair. People expect weddings to involve many guests, pricey venues, extravagant clothing, high class food, professional photographers, and on and on and on and on. Thanks, capitalism.

Many young couples across the country are delaying marriage for this reason. For homeless youth, it must seem utterly out of the question. They might not be able to even afford the fees for a courtroom wedding. And really, getting married is probably one of the last things on their mind with all the awful shit they have to deal with.

And yet, as middle and upper class gays poured time and money into the fight for gay marriage, these and other less marketable LGBT issues were largely forgotten. The number of queer youths on the streets rose. Violence against transgender people increased. And the gap between the 'mainstream' queer community and its fringes grew. As one gay, black and homeless youth on Pier 45 told me, "It's like once they had marriage equality it's like, 'Nah, we don't feel your pain any more, sorry.'"

The article's quite long but the entire thing is so important. Please go read it all, fellow cishets.



Someone tried to post a comment on my recent post about how misoygnists are losers saying that the f-slur (the homophobic word, not "fuck") no longer has homophobic connotations in "gamer culture" because it's been used by gamers for such a very long time as an insult.

No. Just no. I consider myself a gamer, and let me tell you something about "gamer culture." Firstly, it's a subculture based around a hobby. Don't make it out to be more special than it is.

Secondly, NO.

The fact that gamers have used that word so much and for so long as an insult does not make it better. It makes it much, much worse. It makes me feel utterly disgusted to be a part of the subculture. It makes me want to burn all of my video games and my laptop, and then go seek you out to burn yours.

And either way, do you know how often that word is still used in a blatantly and maliciously homophobic fashion around the world? Do you know how often gay people are still beaten and murdered while people scream that word at them?

Oh, and if you're going to call yourself "a homosexual," that's about as convincing as when I get anonymous messages from people saying they're "a female." But even if you are gay, you're probably some privilege white gay dude living in a liberal country or liberal area of the US where you don't have to hide yourself or fear that one night you're going to hear a crowd screaming that word outside your bedroom window followed by a brick flying through the glass followed by fire and death. So kindly shut the absolute fuck up. You don't speak for all gay people. You don't speak for all lesbians or bisexual people. You don't speak for the pansexual and other practically unknown sexualities that are always left out of discussions.

So no. Absolutely not. Let me declare right here and right now that if you come onto my blog trying to argue that it's somehow okay for gamers to use the f-slur as a casual insult because we've used it so much it's lost all meaning to our privileged asses, know that I hate you and will ban you immediately because fuck you, rot in hell.

And no, it's also not okay for non-black people to use the n-slur, even if you remove the "er" and replace it with an "a," fucking stop talking.

Your 2016 Republican Presidential Candidate


Color me 10000% not surprised, but.

Donald Trump Reportedly Faced Rape Allegations From Wife Ivana in the 1990s

Aaaaaand his lawyer's defense: "By the very definition, you can't rape your spouse."

You'd think a highly paid lawyer would know that spousal rape has been illegal in New York since 1984 but okay.

Oh wait, not okay, that guy is fucking scum and he needs to be tarred and feathered and set adrift on the Pacific Ocean.

Also, don't we usually call a statement like that a confession?

Ivana Trump denies it now, but I have no doubt that Donald Trump is a rapist. He's the epitome of white male entitlement and narcissism. Plus he's already and explicit and violent racist. And he's still leading in the polls for the 2016 presidential candidate nomination.

This is what the United States has become. But don't weep for us if you're on the outside. We deserve it all.

Monday, July 27, 2015

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Morning Announcements

Today is my partner's birthday so I'll be spending the day with him. But I will leave you with this.

At this rate, I'll die before Betty White because she's fucking killing me.

Friday, July 24, 2015

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Guaranteed to make geek boys mad.

Male Tears Time


There’s a huge freaking difference between shit talking, and bullying. 
But most of these articles and “papers” are written by women, who live in a woman’s world, and don’t understand the first thing about what it’s really like to be a man. The others are by men who are basically women but doesn’t realize it–they were likely forced to grow up in a woman dominated, catty, passive-aggressive world.

Women are "catty" but men can't lose in a video game without having a total meltdown and screaming slurs at strangers. Apparently "being a man" means being a sore loser.

It’s not that we hate women. With gaming being a predominantly male hobby, it’s going to have elements of masculinity, competitiveness, and testosterone floating about. When people shit talk, they will use any sort of “weakness” that you have and attack it. If you’re unskilled, you’re a noob/scrub. If you’re an obvious underaged child, you get called a kid. If someone needs a quick all-purpose insult, you’re now a faggot.

Firstly, gaming stopped being predominantly male years ago. And once again, apparently being a man means thinking that being gay or a woman is a weakness and the best way to deal with losing is to "shit-talk," in other words have a little tantrum in which they use slurs that have traditionally been screamed at gay people/women while they're being beaten and murdered by straight men.

That's GamerGate for you. Constantly using the f-slur, defending its use no matter how clearly homophobic and terrible it is, and demeaning men by painting them as little children incapable of empathy, utterly ignorant of history, completely selfish, and prone to crying, screeching meltdowns when they lose at a video game.

Not Being Arrested For Existing is a Cis Privilege


Cis privilege is being allowed to exist at a time and in a place without having the cops called on you for prostitution. Cis privilege is not having to worry about being arrested for not having a prescription for the medication you desperately need because insurance companies won't cover it due to transphobia.

This woman, Meagan Taylor, should never have been arrested. But thanks to transmisogynistic and whorephobic hotel employees who failed to mind their fucking business, she had to deal with police going through her personal effects because the employees thought she and her friend were "males dressed as females" and assumed they were sex workers.

This is fucked up on the level that they misgendered these trans women and assumed they must have been there for sex work, and on the other level that criminalizing sex work that many trans women have to turn to in order to survive lands them in jail for doing other things they need to do to survive (obtain affordable hormones).

And Taylor's one of the lucky ones. Trans women who have been arrested for sex work and other survival methods often end up stuck in a male prison where they suffer the kind of abuse and violence that I can't even think about too hard. Taylor was released, thank god, but too many trans women remain in prison because of our transphobic, transmisogynistic society.

Flipping the Narrative

Finally, one of these for trans people.

I feel like they should show these videos in high school or middle school or even elementary school if they cut out the profanity to stop this bullshit before it starts and to help kids develop a basic sense of empathy and social awareness.

Thursday, July 23, 2015

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Seems relevant.

#NoFlagginChallenge and White Fragility

Lots of hashtags today.

During the advent of the whole controversy that was "maybe we should all stop flying the symbol of an entity that fought to keep slavery legal that was revived to support segregation and commonly used to intimidate black people," black people came up with the #NoFlagginChallenge wherein black people would film each other taking confederate flags off of people's vehicles, houses, and whatever else it was flying from.

Firstly, it's pretty hilarious how quickly my fellow white people will become no fun whenever black people start doing a thing. Even the white liberals I know up here in the Seattle area who are usually all "lol those ignorant redneck southerner racists and their confederate flags, let them secede." But when the #NoFlagginChallenge started, suddenly it's all about how stealing and "vandalism" (very telling that this word was used over and over even though this challenge is just about stealing the flag) is wrong and that black people are asking to be shot.

Ugh. This is why I don't call myself liberal anymore.

When I spoke up about how fucked up it is for my fellow white people to scold black people over an action of rebellion against a symbol of the violent oppression they continue to endure in the US, the discussion turned to defensiveness and tone policing. It was suggested to me that black people would be better served educating whitey on the history of the confederate flag and why it's actually 100% about racism and the heritage of racism in this country so that people would voluntarily take it down. Yet at the same time, as I was trying to educate my fellow white people on why flapping their white mouths about what black people should be doing to combat anti-black racism is a racist and oppressive action, that privileged fragility and defensiveness popped up, making said "education" impossible.

It was a perfect example of why charging oppressed people with calmly and nicely "educating" their oppressors doesn't work. I'm just going to copy-paste my final comment that ended the discussion.

This whole Facebook feud explains exactly why I said that education is not a cure for racism. It's part of the solution, yes, but I urged you, Mike, multiple times to seek education and Katie provided multiple resources, yet you couldn't stop making this all about you and your right to an opinion. You refused to educate yourself because you believe you're not racist, therefore you don't have to. This is what happens any time anyone tries to educated a privileged person on their privilege. The privileged ego gets in the way. The moment you even suggest to a white person - and I've tried doing it in the nicest way possible, believe you me - that they need to be educated on racism, all they hear is "you're a racist." And very few racists believe they're racist, no matter how clearly racist they are. 
So you can tout education all you want, but what do you do when nobody thinks they need to be educated on racism and the second you suggest they do, they go straight into defensive mode and make it all about their feelings and their abstract right to the almighty, untouchable opinion? 
And this is why black people are stealing flags. Because they've tried educating us white people and we haven't listened. Segregation still exists. Black people are still being murdered for being black. At some point the oppressed are going to lash out, aren't they?

For more information, fucking read I, Racist by John Metta.

And if you're white, keep on shutting the fuck up about what black people should do.

Activism Opportunity: #IllGoWithYou

This is awesome. Someone's started a thing in which cis people can wear buttons that say #IllGoWithYou that let trans people know they can go up to you and ask you to accompany them to a public bathroom. That way they can feel safe knowing that they have a trans-friendly buddy who will protect them from gross transphobes while they're just trying to have a piss.

There's a whole website explaining how it works.

And here is where you can buy your button. I got mine!

Great photo of buttons courtesy of I’ll Go With You friend Ronnie K.

Make sure, if you're cis, to read all the instructions for buddies. Buttons are $1 a piece, plus reasonable shipping charges. You can also buy packs of many buttons for a considerable discount. Button up!

#WhatHappenedToSandraBland Masterpost


As more and more disturbing details emerge, I'm just going to dump them here in the worst info collection ever.

Here's what I've seen so far:

The dashcam video of the arrest of Bland appears to have been edited in several places.

The claim that Bland hung herself with a trash bag makes no sense. Summary: She was too tall to hang herself from the thing they said she hung herself from. Inmates don't get trash cans or any loose items in their cell. Why has the trash bag been replaced in the photo.

Arrest dashcam video transcript. Notice how she repeatedly says she's going to take the cop to court.

Speculation that Bland is dead in her mugshot.

Bland only changed lanes to get out of the speeding cop's way. What was he even doing making a speeding U-turn when she didn't do anything wrong until she failed to signal in her rush to get out of the way?

The many ways in which the cop violated protocol when arresting Bland.

Officials apparently botched the first autopsy and now want to do another one?

More to come, I'm sure.

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Gif of the Day


Amazing Women of Color

I wrote a bit about how ol' Bernie totally missed the mark when his debate was interrupted by Black Lives Matter people. But what I missed was how awesome the protesters are, especially the black woman who took the stage. Luckily, she knows how awesome she is.

I Am the Black Woman Who Interrupted the Netroots Presidential Town Hall, and This Is Why

The strength, strategies and success of African-Americans leading the civil rights movement laid the foundation for all progressive movements today. Black leadership must be foregrounded and central to progressive strategies if we are to achieve a multi-racial democracy with social and economic justice for all people. Though some don't agree with how we went about bringing the issue to the forefront, by thrusting ourselves into the national spotlight, we shed new light and gave greater importance to this urgent issue. We hope our choice will inspire new and bold action toward dismantling systemic racism. 

Read the whole thing. It's so powerful. She does not hold back, calling out the criminalization, brutalization, and genocide of black Americans. Tia Oso is my new hero.

Hey Losers

New Study Finds Men Who Harass Women Online Are Literally Losers

"We suggest that low-status males increase female-directed hostility to minimize the loss of status as a consequence of hierarchical reconfiguration resulting from the entrance of a woman into the competitive arena," the researchers wrote. Conversely, successful male gamers were more likely to be positive and complimentary toward their female counterparts given these men were less threatened by the presence of women, the study found. 

Top kek, as they would say.

This calls for a male tears gif.

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Gif of the Day

It's a skull covered in salt from sitting in a salt lake. That gif quality, damn.

Pluto: Brought to You By Women

A bit of positivity for us before the day ends.

The Women who Power NASA’s New Horizons Mission to Pluto

That's right. The photos of Pluto you've all been squealing over? Thank women for them. Specifically, women of color. Yan Ping designed the trajectory of the probe and was only off by 90 seconds. 90 SECONDS. IT WENT ALL THE WAY TO PLUTO.

You're welcome.

Activism Opportunity

Did you know that the FBI did everything they could to eradicate the Black Panthers but have let the KKK continue to exist? Isn't that a little fucked up?

Isn't it also a little fucked up that a Muslim individual can sneeze on a white person and it's called terrorism but the KKK isn't considered a terrorist group even though they made their name by trying to terrify black people into submission with all the murders and church burnings and other murders?

So here's a We the People petition demanding that the Klan be recognized as a domestic terrorist group. Let's make the administration address this. For fuck's sake.

U.S. Anti-Black Racism Update

Oh my god.

We've all heard about Sandra Brand, right? Okay. It's horrifying. Especially when you find out that Bland was an anti-racism activist.

But there is some good news.

Sandra Bland's Alleged Suicide Is Now Officially Being Investigated as a Murder

On Monday afternoon, Waller County District Attorney Elton Mathis announced the death of Sandra Bland, which was initially ruled a suicide, would be treated "as it would be in a murder investigation." Mathis also said while the Texas Rangers were leading the investigation, the FBI was now supervising it.

It's something, anyway. Though I'm a little scared to hear the results. Though I can't imagine how black people are feeling right now. Especially considering how active the KKK has been after the victories over the confederate flag. Backlash over progress is always depressing, but it's downright scary for oppressed people.

Not scary for the KKK, though, who enjoyed police protection during their protest against the removal of the confederate flag with their friends the Neo-Nazis.

Dozens of uniformed officers created a perimeter to allow the Klansmen entrance to a double-barricaded “free speech zone” without being attacked by the counter-protesters who were not at all happy about the Klan’s presence.

Meanwhile, black security officers have to put up with asshole open-carry "activists" scaring the bejeebus out of everyone trying to survive the hell that is a U.S. airport.

And this is how President Obama was greeted in Oklahoma:

Aaaaand I've barely scratched the surface.

Fellow white people. Now is the time to do everything possible to support the black community. And for the love of god, don't tell them how and how not to deal.

Monday, July 20, 2015

Gif of the Day

Forgot I had this. INFINITE PENGUINS.

Recommended Reading

Our fave is problematic, everyone.

#BernieSoBlack: Why progressives are fighting about Bernie Sanders and race

I saw that hashtag was trending and immediately thought "fuck, what did he do?" The answer, as usual with us white people, is that he failed to listen to black people and instead spoke over them, got defensive when called out, and threatened to take his ball and go home.


There is a legitimate disconnect between the way Sanders (and many of the economic progressives who support him) see the world, and the way many racial justice progressives see the world. To Bernie Sanders, as I've written, racial inequality is a symptom — but economic inequality is the disease. That's why his responses to unrest in Ferguson and Baltimore have included specific calls for police accountability, but have focused on improving economic opportunity for young African Americans. Sanders presents fixing unemployment as the systemic solution to the problem. 
Many racial justice advocates don't see it that way. They see racism as its own systemic problem that has to be addressed on its own terms. They feel that it's important to acknowledge the effects of economic inequality on people of color, but that racial inequality isn't merely a symptom of economic inequality. And, most importantly, they feel that "pivoting" to economic issues can be a way for white progressives to present their agenda as the progressive agenda and shove black progressives, and the issues that matter most to them, to the sidelines.

I've seen this shit crop up time and time again from my fellow white people. We want so badly to deny that racism is a real problem that we'll fall all over ourselves trying to attribute it to something else, such as lack of education or poverty.


Morning Announcements

First of all, somebody on Tumblr sent me a link to the entire song being performed in that Vine, and apparently he's saying "everybody knows shit's fucked" not "everybody knows shit fuck." Implying that everyone knows the world is fucked up and we're all doomed, not that no one knows anything at all.

Both good messages, really.

Anyway, I'm going to be babysitting today so not much content if any. Just as well, because there's plenty to write about right now but I'm still in the "can't even" stage.

Thursday, July 16, 2015

Gif of the Day


Bill Cosby Has the Medal of Freedom


So Bill Cosby has been upgraded to a confessed rapist now that court documents were released showing that he confessed to obtaining sedatives to use on women he wanted to "have sex with" (rape). Obviously you can't have consensual sex with drugged people, so he's a confessed rapist.

You've probably seen people talking about how hilarious it is that nobody would believe the 40+ women accusing him of rape until it was revealed that he straight up confessed to it, and apparently Cosby's wife is trying to say that all the women consented to being drugged. Because yeah, who doesn't like being unconscious for sex?

Anyway, some people recently brought up the fact that Cosby was awarded the Medal of Freedom in 2002 by George W. Bush. They started a We the People petition to get that revoked. By the time it had only 10,000 signatures, Obama was already game to address it. He says that there's no "precedent" or "mechanism" to revoke the honor, but I say, make one! Hell, just send the National Guard to his house to ransack it until they find the medal and take it away.

I do appreciate Obama's statement on the issue:

"If you give a woman or a man without his or her knowledge a drug and then have sex with that person without consent that's rape. And I think this country and any civilized country should have no tolerance for rape."

Maybe just send him a new medal that says "Fuck You, Rapist."



The headline to this really just needs to be this face:

Get ready.

Veteran cop accused of splashing semen on co-worker.

The victim, an administrative aide in her 60s, had just left the women’s rest room and was walking back to her office when Sgt. Michael Iscenko, 54, allegedly approached her from behind and splashed the substance on her leg and shoe, the source said. 
“She suddenly felt something on her leg, looked down, and said to him, ‘What are you doing?’“ the source said of the January incident. 
“The uniformed member then walked away without responding.”


Ahem. So can we stop telling kids that little boys who attack and pick on little girls are just doing it because they "like" the girls now?

Public Service Announcement

If you defend the Confederate battle flag because it's based on a "heritage" of "rebellion" but scold black people when they rebel against an oppressive symbol by taking it down wherever they seen it...

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Gif of the Day


Another Mentally Ill Man of Color Killed By Police

His name was Paul Castaway, a schizophrenic man of the Rosebud Sioux Tribe. Police shot him four times. They say he was running at them with a knife but witnesses and video footage say he was walking toward them with a knife held at his own throat. Police say they came because he stabbed his mother in the neck. His mother says he poked her in the neck with a knife and she asked police to come help her subdue him. She now regrets making the call.

Most news outlets I looked at can't help but list his criminal record. Only one listed his tribal affiliation.

Police brutality against Native American people is also a huge problem. No one seems to care. I only saw one post about this on Tumblr. He will get no justice.


Fake Geek Boys Exploit Iwata's Death to Attack Feminist Frequency

I was a bit saddened by the death of Satoru Iwata, president of Nintendo, on Saturday. I usually have little compassion to spare for CEOs of massive companies, but Iwata was better than some, maybe even most. He even cut his own salary in half rather than lay off employees when the company was struggling, citing the fact that the company's failures are on him. Not bad at all.

I also grew up as a Nintendo fangirl. I played my brother's NES growing up, enjoying Mario Bros. and Duck Hunt and Marble Madness. The first console I owned myself, that I didn't share with a sibling, was the Nintendo 64. Me and my friends used to have sleepovers where we would stay up all night playing the original Super Smash Bros. and Mario Party 1-3.

So maybe I felt a little like a piece of myself had died. Okay, that's an exaggeration, but I was still pretty pissed off when I saw this shit:

Click to Enlarge

These are fake. They're not only not on the actual Feminist Frequency account, Anita Sarkeesian had already posted an alert saying that there was another batch of Photoshopped tweets going around trying to trick people into thinking she's some kind of Ultimate Gamer Boogeyman.

Yes, this has happened many times before. And GamerGate eats it up every time, no matter how ridiculous the fake tweets are. They could say that she's actually an alien hybrid sent to destroy the human race by killing video games forever and they'd believe it.

It's just so painfully clear that whoever made this doesn't know shit about video games. No one would say that Iwata was the pinpoint for most of the industry's misogyny. There are so, so many worse offenders than Nintendo. Plus, to disrespect Iwata like that after he's just fucking died by using his death to craft obvious lies to try and bring hate upon a video game critic you don't like? Fuck you, don't ever try to call yourself a gamer if you make or spread this bullshit. You might as well piss on the man's grave and then say Anita did it.

Don't Fucking Mess With Amandla Stenberg

A couple days ago, Amandla Stenberg, best known for her role as Rue in The Hunger Games movie, called out Kylie Jenner in Instagram over a photo of Jenner in cornrows. Amandla, 16, rightly pointed out that this is cultural appropriation since Kylie, 17, is white. Kylie, of course, took this as a personal attack and the media immediately labeled the whole thing as a "celebrity feud."

A moment to mention the misogyny behind labeling one woman calling out another as a "feud," which is shorthand for "cat fight."

So Justin Bieber tells everyone to "leave Kylie alone" which should immediately tell you that Kylie is on the wrong side here. Not because of Bieber's music, but because he's a legitimately terrible human being. Then a grown man calls Amandla a "jackhole" (whatever that is) on his shitty TV show for starting the "feud" and later apologizes because he didn't understand the "larger context." Probably because he made no effort to look into what cultural appropriation actually is before running his white male mouth.

That's the story. And what I have to say about all this is that if you're rushing to defend an older white woman over the incredible Amandla Stenberg because it sooooooo super mean to criticize anyone (by which I mean a white person) about their theft of a culture they don't belong to then you can go straight to hell where I will meet you with a baseball bat to smack the crap out of you.

At what point are my fellow white person going to stop being so very, very concerned about their hurt feelings and being made to look racist and start giving a fuck about the actual systemic racism that eats away at black communities?

Amandla Stenberg has proved herself amazing, but she's only 16. She shouldn't have to be standing against a hoard of white people and their deluge of tears because they can't understand why white people can't do whatever they want with their hair while black women are still kicked out of school and fired from jobs for wearing natural hairstyles. She shouldn't have to be talking about these issues at all. Black girls get their culture and their youth stolen away by us white people and we have the gall to act like she's the one attacking us?

Anyone who has a single word to say against Amandla on this issue can fucking fight me.

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Gif of the Day


What Not To Do

Here's a tip. If you're white, do not make an exhibit about a black man murdered by police. And don't hire a white artist to make the model of said black man lying dead face down in the street. And definitely don't do it without even consulting his parents who are obviously still grieving for their murdered son who received no justice.

Mike Brown’s father outraged by Chicago art exhibit featuring life-sized replica of teen’s dead body.

“I really, really, really would like for them to take that away,” Michael Brown, Sr. told local KTVI. “I think it’s really disturbing, disgusting… That picture is still in my head.” 
He said he struggles every day to function by compartmentalizing the image of his son’s death and staying busy. But the art exhibit brings that day back.


Moore declined to comment when requested by the Guardian. But the gallery owners defended the exhibit. 
“This [exhibition] is something that needs to stay alive because we need to do what Ti-Rock says and understand what white privilege does to the African American community,” Frances Guichard told the Guardian.


Don't Pet Service Dogs

A ton of people don't know this, including me until I saw stuff about it on Tumblr, but you should never pet or do anything to distract service dogs.

Here's a story for you:

While Flynn was distracted from the petting, Hailey had a seizure. “I am used to him giving me 10 minute warnings, so when he alerted that’s what I thought I had,” explained Hailey. “Out of nowhere I remember the world going black. I woke up with Flynn on top of my legs and my father cradling my head. On the whole left side of my face there was a terrible sting that made me tear up.”

Service dogs have a job to do, but they're not people. They get easily distracted by people who call to them, make eye contact with them, point and wave to them, and especially by people who come up to them and pet them. There's a reason why their little vests often come with big STOP signs on them.

Hailey's dog can sense her seizures coming before they hit somehow and is trained to alert her as soon as he senses them. But if he's distracted, he fails to alert her in the usual time, and Hailey doesn't prepare in time, and she wakes up with a big rug burn on her forehead or worse.

The Internet is for spreading information, so do it!



Friday, July 10, 2015

Gif of the Day

Use this when someone makes a really good point in an argument.

Look At This Awesome Thing: Glass Art

When I get sad I like to look at glass art on the Internet because look how sparkly:

These are by some white guy named Jack Storms. You can see how he makes this shit in a YouTube video. I wish I had the privilege to do something like that.

Mail Time!


Another fine citizen has emailed me to alert people about a terrible thing happening. No, really, it's okay to email me about this stuff. No matter how horrifying it is. Ugh.


Hi Lindsey, 
I read something really dreadful this morning, enough to make one lose hope in humanity. In Hanoi, men attacked and molested girls at a water park. Sadly, nothing is being done to support the victims or punish the perpetrators, and it's from a part of the world we don't hear much of. Maybe if we share this story enough, something will be made about this. So I thought you would like to at least know about this, if you don't already :  
Have a nice day and please continue to smash the patriarchy, I love your work. 

Thanks, Diane.

If you don't want to go to the link or are having trouble with the small font, the short version is that a water park opened in Hanoi and it was popular enough to be very crowded. Then groups of 70 to 80 boys and grown men started getting together to literally mob girls and women in the park, splashing them with water to immobilize them, pushing their heads under the water, ripping off their swimsuits and sexually assaulting and raping them.

The guys doing this were bragging about it on social media. Authorities are, of course, saying it's the girls' fault for wearing bikinis to a fucking water park or just denying it altogether in spite of video and photo evidence and screencaps of the social media bragging.

According to the Tumblr post, this is the guy who started it all.

70 to 80 fucking men and boys. Why are males such fucking animals?

I really don't know what to do about this other than spread it on Tumblr. I think I'll look into finding petitions and people to email about this shit later but for now I think I need to distract myself with happy things.

95% of Elected State and Local Prosecutors Are White

Ninety-fucking-five percent. Good lord. GOOD LORD.

Study finds that an astounding 95% of elected state and local prosecutors are white; 79% white men

Sixty-six percent of states that elect prosecutors have no blacks in those offices, a new study has found, highlighting the lack of diversity in the ranks of those entrusted to bring criminal charges and negotiate prison sentences. 
About 95 percent of the 2,437 elected state and local prosecutors across the country in 2014 were white, and 79 percent were white men, according to the study, which was to be released on Tuesday by the San-Francisco-based Women Donors Network. By comparison, white men make up 31 percent of the population of the United States.

And here's an interesting bit o' fact:

The reverse of this also appears to be true. In Baltimore, one of the rare cities with an African American elected prosecutor, Marilyn Mosby, six officers were indicted for their role in the murder of Freddie Gray. 
In Brooklyn, where NYPD Officer Peter Liang shot and killed an unarmed man, Akai Gurley, in the stairwell of his own apartment, and then refused him first aid and argued with his partner over who should call it in, an elected African American prosecutor, Kenneth Thompson, filed manslaughter charges against the officer. 

So I'm thinking that A) We have a problem here and B) White men are the fucking worst.

New goal: 95% people of color as elected prosecutors. Then maybe cops will actually see some fucking consequences for their actions.

Thursday, July 9, 2015

Gif of the Day


Gif courtesy of Mooseplaining Max.

"What Rape Culture?"


Apparently, there was a rape trial several years ago in which nobody was allowed to use the word "rape." Or "sexual assault kit" or "victim" or "assailant."

Literally. The lawyer made the motion to ban those words, and the judge accepted.

Therefore, the victim had to refer to what happened to her as "sex" even though rape is not sex because sex is by definition CONSENSUAL.

The trial ended in a hung jury. Eventually prosecutors chose to drop the case. Once again, no justice.

Nine years later, the judge admits that allowing those words to be banned was "kind of a mistake I made."


In the immortal words of misandry-mermaid:

In what other criminal trials do they ban witnesses people in the courtroom from using the name of the actual crime that the defendant is accused of? 
“Is it true that around 1am, the defendant entered your home and…uh,  borrowed your flatscreen without permission?” 
“I saw the defendant walk up and… show the witness his new gun and ask if he would be willing to donate money or even his whole wallet.” 
“Let the record show that the defendant’s banks statements show him buying rope, bleach and knives, two days before he was witnessed… um, relieving his neighbor of her vital life force.”

Hello rape culture.

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Gif of the Day

So this exists.

I'll Give You Historical Accuracy


I'm totally stealing this from images of tweets I've seen on Tumblr, but the "historical accuracy" argument people use to defend the gratuitous use of rape in programs like Game of Thrones. And it's not just because Game of Thrones is fantasy, set in a fantasy land that includes magic and dragons and zombies.

And it's more than bullshit, too.

Lately I've seen people point out that if you want real historical accuracy for a medieval type period, then you'd better prepare for the body hair. Women didn't shave their legs and armpits back then. You'd also be ready to see sewage running through the streets and people being stricken with dysentery. Brace yourself for yellow, crooked teeth because there was no Ye Olde Orthodontist.

If your response to that is "nobody wants to see that" then you need to immediately drop the "historical accuracy" bullshit and then ask yourself why you do want to see women getting raped.

Because the sooner men can admit that they get off to seeing women raped, the sooner we can address the problem. Kay?

Mail Time!


Today's letter comes from Martin, and it's a bummer.

Let me start by saying that I've been following your writings here for a while now and I really appreciate your perspective on various topics (for example the Greece thing). 
However, the reason I'm writing this right now is that you're probably the only feminist writer I know who's actually aware of MtG... 
Here's the thing: There's been a huge discussion over a somewhat well-known player getting banned from the game. This happened because 12 years ago he broke the law. How? Well, he raped a girl. The specifics are truly fucking terrible and I recommend not reading: 
I think you might be expecting where I'm going with this. Yes, obviously, 95% of the almost uniformly male online community got up in arms to defend the rapist. There do not seem to be any articles pointing out that this kind of reaction is just infuriating. 
So I started wondering that maybe you could post a few simple thoughts on that? 
My sincere apologies if I'm out of line with this. If I was a better writer, I'd probably try to do it myself. 

Dear Martin,

It's okay for anyone to ask me to address issues you're concerned about, as long as you're not demanding education on something I've already written about several thousand times. Thanks for being a fan! Feels weird to say that!

Anyway, yes, I'm not surprised at all that the MtG (Magic the Gathering for laypeople) is standing up for the guy. I did some additional research and it looks like he accepted a lesser charge of aggravated sexual assault and he's now a registered sex offender. So they're defending a sex offender. Fun.

Male-dominated geek communities in general have a huge problem with this kind of thing, and I believe it has everything to do with men feeling entitled to sex and when they don't get what they feel they're entitled to, they become awful.

See: Elliot Rodger and Adam Lanza

Also, I believe men like to defend rapists because they know in their hearts that they might do the same thing one day, and they want to be able to get away with it.

There's also a little thing called the "just world fallacy," in which people so desperately want to believe that there's some innate order and justice to the world. So when something so terrible as rape happens, and especially when they identify with that rapist somehow or are even a fan of the rapist, they need to believe that the victim somehow deserved it (victim blaming) or that it must not have actually happened.

There are a lot of articles on the subject.

But if you can get your head out of your ass and face the world as it is, you'll realize it's incredibly clear that this guy is a convicted sex offender and therefore should be banned from anything involving people, really. The end.



Nothing is More Fragile Than the Male Ego


A couple days of reversing the narrative by proclaiming that women are better at sports than men and I've got men coming out of the woodwork to cry and moan that "NO, MEN ARE BETTER. MEN ARE BETTER AT THE SPORTS. MEN BETTTERRRRRRRR."

Good gravy, will you all calm down? I've got some guy called "Shank" on my blog and a full Tumblr inbox of sad men. We've had an eternity of men claiming that they're better at all the sports than women and assuming it's some universal truth. It's so important to them that they literally cannot handle it if it's suggested otherwise.

Do I seem like the kind of person who cares much about sports? I don't actually care at all who is better. The whole conversation is cissexist and gender essentialist. Hell, pretty much every sport is so transphobic that they'll flip out over the idea that a trans person should participate with the correct gender. FIFA actually has a fucking "sex test" for World Cup players which is incredibly transphobic and invasive, even though, according to actual science, there is no such thing as a "sex test."

Teams are being segregated based on rigorously enforced transphobic gender stereotypes. This is an actual problem.

Then there's the fact that baby girls are discouraged from being physical in a way that baby boys are not, which affects their development. Parents have lower expectations for girls from the moment they start becoming at all mobile.

Then there's all the other influences on people's physical ability. Most sports are only accessible to those who are 100% able-bodied. I talk about women's sports but really nobody cares about disabled persons' sports. Class plays a role. Many sports are expensive. Mental health plays a role. I was pretty damn good at soccer but my depression sure made it hard to enjoy it or want to ever practice outside of mandatory team practices.

Sports can be great for a lot of people. For some, it can be the only viable way out of the horrific cycle of poverty. Which is its own problem. But the way we view sports and the way we worship only "the best," who are only the best because of luck of birth and privilege, is a problem. Boys who aren't good at sports for whatever reason are still bullied constantly. Can you at least find it in yourself to consider that a problem, guys?

The fact that all men can focus on is desperately trying to prove their better than women just speaks to the awful fragility of the male ego. It apparently makes it impossible for them to think of others.

Men don't deserve more attention and more money just because they're allowed to be more physical in infancy, encouraged more to play sports and do other physical activities as children, and constantly told that they have to be better than girls or elSE OH GOD THEIR MANLINESS IS SO THREATENED AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH.

Just like baseball players don't deserve more money than people who play sports that are actually difficult and dangerous and entertaining. But they get paid a shit ton in this country for some reason.

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Gif of the Day



Continuing on this sports run, because why not:

‘Religious Freedom’ Laws Could Disqualify The US From Hosting Olympic Games


When the International Olympic Committee approved proposal 14 of the Olympic Agenda last year, forbidding games from being held in countries with anti-gay laws, the United States just may have been included as an unfriendly country. The proposal specifically states: 
Any form of discrimination with regard to a country or a person on grounds of race, religion, politics, gender or otherwise is incompatible with belonging to the Olympic Movement. 
An obvious response to the embarrassment that was Sochi, where conservative hero Vladimir Putin made a mockery of the Olympics and everything they stand for. 
With the Olympic Committee moving in a progressive direction, is the United States at risk of losing possible future Olympic engagements? The language of proposition 14 is pretty clear that no discrimination will be tolerated. Does that eliminate Indiana and some of the other states with “religious freedom” acts?

I think this is only the author's theory, but I hope they're right. Fucking sanction us, call us out, punish us, for fuck's sake. We've been too terrible for too long. It's high time we're treated the way we deserve, and we don't deserve the Olympics.

Men Are Afraid of Women

Speaking of sports, did you know that a woman struck out both Babe Ruth and Lou Gehrig? Actually, she was a 17-year-old girl. They brought her out in a real game against the Yankees. Apparently, she was even pitching on a sore arm. But she struck out Babe Ruth in three pitches, and the man threw down his bat and stomped off like a child. Lou Gehrig met with the same fate. Her name was Jackie Mitchell.

Days later, the owner of her team voided her contract because he decided that the sport was "too strenuous" for women.

But based on the fact that she embarrassed two grown men with ease, the truth is clear. Women's excellence is too strenuous for the male ego. They have to repeat to themselves over and over that they must be better at sports than women, because if they aren't, what will become of their frail masculinity?

That's probably why men don't watch women's sports. That's why they don't pay them nearly as much and why they make them play in shit conditions. They're afraid to realize the cold hard fact that plenty of women are better than plenty of men at any and every sport.

If they don't have sports, what do men have left to help them pretend that men are superior to women?

Just Another Day on Tumblr


Click to Enlarge

I love this so much because I genuinely can't tell if the anonymous person is being sarcastic because I am totally unapologetically a cunt and I love that about myself.

And then "supermoodybootyhunter."

Monday, July 6, 2015

Gif of the Day

LOL CAUGHT. This is the best.

Give Your Money to Women

In more World Cup news, the US v. Japan game attracted enough viewers to shatter US ratings records (and yes, that includes for men's soccer). It almost had as many viewers as a World Series game, which I understand is baseball.

Which makes this all the more fucked:

U.S. Women Win World Cup, Get Stiffed By FIFA

The U.S. women’s soccer team defeated Japan on Sunday to win the World Cup. For their dominant performance, the team will collect $2 million from FIFA, the international body that runs the tournament. 
The championship prize for women pales in comparison to the $8 million in prize money awarded to men’s teams who lose in the first round. Every men’s team was awarded $1.5 million just for participating.

So more people watch regular soccer than men's soccer in the US but the women don't even make as much money as male losers? Fun.

Plus, the women had to play on artificial turf, which is probably why there was so much slipping and sliding. Take it from me, artificial turf can change the entire game. It's all shiny, it raises the field temperature by a lot, and the ball bounces differently on it.

FIFA may change now that ratings were so high, but only because all they care about is profits. They don't even care if poor people are forced out of their homes for their shitty men's tournaments or if slave labor is used to prepare for them. Fuck 'em.

It's "Soccer" and "Men's Soccer" Now

Seriously, after yesterday's record-shattering world cup final between the US and Japan, can we put to be the idea that men's sports even holds a candle to real sports? Men can't even pass.

Anyway, I watched the game last night, and damn, the US team was on point. I was right in the middle of my soccer career around 1999, the last time the US won the cup, so it was pretty fucking special to be able to watch these amazing women come out and kick ass.

This was pretty much me: