Friday, June 5, 2015

Your US Presidential Candidate


Not that this will be a surprise to much of anyone, but Rick Santorum, official US candidate for the office of President, almost/practically called President Obama the n-word during a speech.

Unfortunately, the I Hope Rick Santorum blog is no longer active due to the fact that nothing that guy does or says is new or surprising in this fuck circus of a country anymore.

I really do think that Republicans are going to become increasingly irrelevant, only to be replaced with pro-corporate, egalitarian, hyper-capitalist, pretend-to-give-a-fuck liberals. Keep your guard up. Democrats are better, sure, but still oppressive. Don't let them make you think that their takeover is a real victory.

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Senzu said...

So far Hillary Clinton is our best choice for president. People that disagree with that are just selfish cunts because they're not thinking about the country in general.