Tuesday, June 9, 2015

US Anti-Black Racism Update


This is pretty horrifying.

Short version: Black kid, Kalief Browder, is accused of stealing a backpack. No backpack or evidence is found on him. They throw him in jail anyway to await trial. He's confined on Rikers Island for three years because they keep delaying it. When the case is finally thrown out, he's released. Last Saturday, he killed himself after many attempts.

Long version here.

He was arrested at age 16 and ended his life at age 22. Can you blame him? Two of the three years on Rikers were in solitary confinement. He talked about frequent beatings, at least one of which can be seen on prison footage. His entire life was ruined on a false charge over a BACKPACK.

There is no justice for black people. White people in the US go on and on about their constitutional rights when black people don't have the right to a speedy trial. Or a fair one. Or innocence until proven guilty. Or anything, really.

There is no end to the horror.

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