Monday, June 8, 2015

US Anti-Black Racism Update


This shit is like a summary of how racist our country is. It's like racists and cops (racists with badges) are trying as hard as they can to convince the nation that racism is still alive and well here.

You've probably already heard of the incident at a pool party wherein racist neighbors came over to start a fight with black attendees, calling them racial slurs and telling them to go back to their "section 8 housing." Those racists then called the cops after they themselves attacked the party goers, and the cops proceeded to chase and arrest only the black, Hispanic, and Arab party guests, while the white guy filming it all stood there feeling invisible.

You can see gifs of the video on of the now-suspended cop with his gun pulled, running around and corralling all the people of color he can find, shoving them to the ground, ignoring the white people, then randomly attacking some poor 14-year-old girl in a bathing suit, pulling her hair, and pointing his gun at anyone who tries to stop him. Except his fellow white cops, of course.

The officer has been "suspended."

You can read all about this bullshit at Raw Story. As always, my fellow white people need to be reading what black people are saying about this. There's also an image going around comparing the treatment of this entirely non-violent black teen girl to the treatment of that hoard of white bikers who started a massive gun fight that ended with nine people dead.

I've noticed that many of my fellow white people have been silent on that comparison. Hard to deny the racism there? Yeah, it is. So spread that image around like wildfire.

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