Monday, June 8, 2015

This is the Worst Thing Ever


Oh my good sweet shit-fucking god. This is what the world has come to.

I don't think I could possibly post enough trigger warnings to prepare anyone for this.

There is now a website in existence for rapists to gather and discuss how women, particularly feminist women, need to be raped. To put us in our place.

Your first instinct is probably to insist that it must be a joke, or that these people are just "trolling," trying to make people mad by saying the most outrageously horrible things possible. But even if it is, you know who's going to assume they're being serious? Rapists.

And make no mistake. There are absolutely people (men) on this planet that believe in this so-called "philosophy." Corrective rape is and long has been a real thing, often used on lesbian women to try and "turn them straight." Also, this "community" has already been on Reddit for a long time.

It's called the Philosophy of Rape. All they do is actively encourage rape. This is terrorism. This is hate speech. This is the kind of shit that led Elliot Rodgers to kill a bunch of people. This should be treated as a fucking crime syndicate.

Here's where you can report them to the FBI.

Here's a White House petition to get them recognize as a terrorist group.

Here's the Anonymous Facebook page. If they're going to hack someone, it should be them.

I am not about to let this shit stand. This website will encourage rapists and will cause more rape to happen. It needs to stop existing.

If you have the stomach for it, actual ally David Futrelle has outlined who they are and what they stand for with examples of the kind of shit they spew on a regular basis. He also has a Do Not Link link to the actual website.

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