Thursday, June 4, 2015

Stop Publicly Shaming Your Children


There's a trend going around among adults who use the Internet and maybe shouldn't be allowed to of taking photos or video of their children wearing/holding signs and looking miserable for the purpose of publicly shaming them for breaking some rule.

A lot of people have already spoken out about how inappropriate and possibly abusive this trend is. Then this happened.

Izabel Laxamana Suicide: Girl, 13, Jumps Off Bridge After Father Cuts Off Her Hair For Public Shaming Video

The father decided that a proper punishment for the offense would be to chop off her gorgeous black hair and post the video online. In the video it shows the girl with her newly chopped off hair as she stands next to a pile of her beautiful black locks on the floor. However, the public humiliation and punishment apparently took an emotional toll on the child, who jumped off a bridge onto a busy interstate just days after the video was uploaded online.

I was very proud of my long hair as a teen. I also remember how sensitive I was and how terrifying the idea of public humiliation was in the hotbed of social fuckery that was middle school. Do these parents not remember? Have they entirely forgotten their teen years or have they just completely lost the capacity for empathy?

Either way, this trend needs to stop NOW. This father saw the super duper funny trend of humiliating teenagers on the Internet, the one that gets so many likes and shares because hahahaha how funny that child has been humiliated for violating curfew or some other paltry offense, and he decided to take his shot at Internet fame. Well, he got it.

Photos of frowny teens holding signs stating their "crime" with grinning parents may seem funny, but it's not fucking funny for the kid. Shame and humiliation should never be used for discipline, EVER. Decent parents should avoid causing their kids shame and humiliation at all costs. If you can't discipline your child without resorting to making them feel like absolute shit and exposing them to mockery and bullying from their peers, you shouldn't be allowed to be a parent anymore. If you can't communicate with your child like they're a human being and form enough of a human connection that you can explain to them why what they did was wrong and hurtful, you're a failure.

This humiliation trend is child abuse, plain and simple. Stop doing it, stop sharing it, and condemn it publicly wherever you see it.

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