Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Recommended Reading


Required reading for white people.

White Fragility, Silence, and Supremacy: Why All White Hands Are Bloody

Yes, all of our hands are bloody. I don't care if you've never personally hurt a black person or think you've never had a racist thought in your head. Our collective silence and inaction has allowed black people to be murdered by police and white supremacists and allowed our government to lock them up for bullshit and kick their children out of underfunded schools for minor infractions that white children commit without incident.

And yes, that includes myself. I have not done nearly enough.

If your first reaction to this kind of thing is to say "Well what do I have to DO to get rid of this GUILT that I feel me me me me me mememememe!" then you're a selfish crapbasket and you need to pull your head out of your ass and think about other people for a second.

We need to take responsibility collectively, all of us, because failure to take responsibility is not only disrespectful to the people whose oppression we benefit from, it allows us to do nothing. If it's not our problem, we can ignore it and we don't even have to do minimal ally work like talking about it and calling each other out. But as soon as you take responsibility, you have to do something. That responsibility stays with you, and unless you're a complete asshole, you're spurred into some kind of action every time white supremacy rears its ugly head.

Refusal to take responsibility is dedication to inaction and silence. Inaction and silence allows injustice, and in the case of black people in the US, brutal murder at the hands of white people every 28 hours, to happen.

You're no better than the roommates of the white terrorist who did nothing when they learned that he was planning to kill black people. Inaction maintains the status quo, and the status quo is white supremacy and a community living in constant fear and grief. Try not to make it all about you.

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