Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Recommended Reading

As a cis person, it's not my place to talk about the coming out and transition of Caitlyn Jenner. You should be going to other trans people for that.

All I have to say to my fellow cis people is that if you misgender Caitlyn, use her old name, or otherwise participate in transmisogynistic assholery, then

Animated gif of a cartoon trash can with eyes, arms and hands and the lid open, and the trash can is pointing into its own "mouth" as though to invite you inside
Get in there     

Janet Mock, black trans woman, has written a piece pointing out issues around this coming out that many people have missed. This is required reading for cis people and especially white cis people or anyone who still somehow doesn't understand privilege.

Revealing Caitlyn Jenner: My Thoughts on Media, Privilege, Healthcare Access & Glamour

Always work to be aware of the role privilege plays in any event, as privilege is a constant presence. Also if you haven't read Redefining Realness yet, oh my lord read it.

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