Friday, June 26, 2015

President Obama Scolded and Threw Out Trans Woman of Color


Yes, President Obama supports same-sex marriage and yes, he's given some moving speeches about the importance of marriage equality. But that doesn't mean he's up for listening to every letter in the LGBT acronym.

An undocumented trans woman of color interrupted one of Obama's speeches about marriage equality to raise questions about the horrific treatment of undocumented trans women who are held in male detention centers. His response was to say "Listen, you’re in my house." Meaning she wasn't allowed to interrupt him to speak to him about the problem there in spite of the fact that this would be her only chance.

I really don't care if "heckling" is "rude" or whatever. The rights of trans women to not be subjected to horrific abuse is more important that politeness, okay?

And yeah, then security threw her out.

Recommended reading:

Obama's reply to a trans woman proves LGBT advocacy stops at gay marriage

By transgender US immigrant Meredith Talusan. Very important.

This is why we need to keep fighting.

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Tea.EarlGrey.Hot. said...

"The crowd at Obama’s Pride Reception, consisting mostly of white men in suits, amplified the President’s message by booing GutiĆ©rrez and shouting Obama’s name"

Wait what
Are these guys 15?

" a bystander could be heard shouting, “This is not for you. This is for all of us,” "

'Shut up you insignificant worm. We're talking about the important stuff. We want to pretend like everything is lollipops now'


I can't even. Wtf Obama. Wtf everyone.