Monday, June 22, 2015

Mail Time!


Readers should know that I do have it set up so that any comment that includes a link is marked for moderation, and I have to approve it before it's published in the comments section. This is to eliminate spam comments. It may take me a bit to get to your comment, especially if you leave it on a weekend or close to a weekend and/or if your comment is generally exhausting.

For example, this mess of a comment I received last Friday, followed up with an email from the commenter imploring me to engage in "honest argument."

Full text of the email (formatting altered to make it easier to read):

I'm doing research for my own blog. One thing I continually run into is feminists' unwillingness to engage in honest argument. I know this is your own blog and you can do whatever you want but I've yet to meet a feminist willing to argue honestly without applying censorship at some point. My position is disturbing, to be sure, but that doesn't make it incorrect, unfortunately. And it doesn't require censorship. I've nothing to hide.

Only dishonest philosophies require censorship.(But maybe my post just ended up in the spaminator and then the above doesn't apply to you. Maybe you are the one feminist willing to engage in an honest discussion with me.)

This is what I wrote on the subject of male entitlement :

I think it is better to define entitlement in terms of power and evil as abuse of power.On average, men have the physical power, and women have the sexual power.A man should not abuse his physical power to force a woman into having sex, but a woman shouldn't abuse her sexual power either. 
But modern women seem to believe that they do not have to have any concern for the feelings of men whatsoever EVEN IF (and this is the important point) they purposefully, intentfully, cause sexual arousal in a man. It's becoming so absurd that women can even do this out of spite, and not be considered bad people. 
It's like in the old days when a woman got raped and nobody listened or took her seriously, only reversed. 
(Anecdote : I've been the victim of sexual harassment on the work floor by women three times. I was completely powerless to do anything about it. In the first two cases I had to leave because of bullying/mobbing as a consequence. The last time the woman left because I was experienced enough to withstand the psychological warfare. As a result of this I have developed psychological and physical health issues.) 
The standard refutation is : But it doesn't hurt men physically, like rape does women. And that's a lie, as shown by science. 
I can present some scientific research that shows that male fruit flies live shorter when they do not mate and are exposed to female hormones. The sexually frustrated male flies live way shorter. It's in dutch, you'll have to use google translate probably. 
So denying a man sex seems to be actually detrimental to his health. So when a woman causes arousal out of spite or for reasons of manipulation etc. she's actually performing the female equivalent of rape. And such bad women, because of the removal of male sexual entitlement in all of its shapes and forms, become unlimitedly powerful. In just the same way as someone like Bill Cosby used to be. Only reversed. 
So feminists, if you are really concerned with equality please get the facts straight about male physiology. Otherwise you end up being just as morally despicable as the male rapist.

Hold on.


Dear "The Adversary,"

First of all, the phrase "honest argument" is entirely subjective and essentially meaningless. What is "honest argument" to you? If it looks like an absence of emotion or involves treating you as though your opinion is utterly valid and not completely fucked up, then you're not looking for "honest argument." You're looking for people to hide perfectly natural and valid emotional responses, which are at least 50% of any honest response to such a topic, and pretend like everything you said is based entirely on subjective logic, which is clearly untrue.

You are not coming from an emotionless or honest place. It's based on absolute falsehoods that themselves are based in a deep sense of entitlement to women's bodies.

First of all, I can't imagine how little respect you have to have for men to compare them to fruit flies. An experiment on tiny insects that live for a day has no bearing on actual human beings. You have to be cautious any time you use an experiment on any non-human animal to make an assertion that applies to humans. But fruit flies?

Did you know that female ferrets will become severely anemic and likely die if they don't mate after going into estrus? Kind of fucks up your fruit fly analogy,

Denying someone access to your body is in in no way comparable to any kind of assault on someone's body. I don't give a flying fuck if men are harmed if I don't sleep with them. Why the actual jet-powered fuck am I responsible for any man's health? Am I supposed to fuck every man who gets an erection near me? Should I give any man my blood any time he feels a bit anemic? Should I go out and give every man on the organ donor list my organs until I have none left and am severely dead?

You are comparing refusing to put my body up for unlimited access to any man who wants it regardless of whether I want to fuck him to rape - a massive and violent violation of a person's body and bodily autonomy. That is fucking disgusting, I am disgusted by you, and that is the honest truth and completely valid.

Women do not have "sexual power" over men. Men are just as capable of purposely arousing women and then not fucking them. You only think that women have sexual power over you because they won't fuck you. Which is their right.

I'm sorry that you were sexually harassed. I have been too, and it sucks. But you aren't special because your harassers didn't fuck you after. Not fucking you is not a form of harassment.

Women not fucking you after you got hard is not rape. It is not even in the same universe as rape. I don't care if they did it on purpose. Sure, if their sexual behavior made you uncomfortable and they did not stop, that is sexual harassment. But refusal to fuck you is not.

And what even is this?

And such bad women, because of the removal of male sexual entitlement in all of its shapes and forms, become unlimitedly powerful.

Are you straight up saying here that men are entitled to sex? Because you are 100% not. Ever. At all. No one is. And having bodily autonomy is a basic, essential human right, not a form of power over others. What the basic essential fuck is wrong with you?

I'm guessing you're also basing this on a lot of bullshit, pop psychology nonsense about human physiology and the commonly repeated myths about male vs. female sexuality. Here are the facts: Men don't need sex to live, or to be healthy, any more than any other gender. Men are not physically harmed by getting aroused and not getting sex (testicular discomfort is not physical harm) and are not psychologically harmed by the same. Your hurt ego is not in the same dimension as the effects of being raped.

And the fact that you would compare the two makes you not only disgusting, but terrifying, because this is the kind of deep male entitlement and dishonesty around that entitlement that has been demonstrated to be in the minds of actual convicted rapists. That is why feminists respond to you with revulsion and cut you down in a way that you've conveniently labeled "not honest argument" or refused to engage you at all. It's because you talk like a fucking rapist. And that refusal is not "censorship," it's self-preservation. You're not entitled to our time and energy either.

Literally, if you haven't already, I have no doubt that your attitudes about male entitlement to bodies will lead you to rape someone. Fucking re-evaluate your entire worldview immediately for the safety of everyone around you, and in the meantime stay the fuck away from me and my blog.




Tea.EarlGrey.Hot. said...

So much wtf. How is it even possible to think such outrageous bullshit?! He sure tried hard to logic that atrocity to make him feel better. I wouldn't be surprised if he takes your reply as "proof that women/feminists are irrational" and pays himself on the back.

"What rape culture?"

Lindsey Weedston said...

Oh no doubt. Anything I could have said that wasn't "you're completely and totally right" would have been dismissed as "unwillingness to engage in honest argument."