Friday, June 5, 2015

Everything Good Was Made By Women

Science would be fucked without women.

These 17 Women Changed The Face Of Physics

Vera Rubin is responsible for the discovery of dark matter. Jocelyn Bell Burnell discovered pulsars. Sandra Faber made the Hubble Telescope work. Hedy Lamarr is the reason you have wireless. Lene Hau somehow made light stop?

They're all neatly organized into graphics that you can share all over the Internet to let people know how they wouldn't have Internet without women.

Women are so much better at science than men.


Senzu said...

First off, you make no sense, both genders contributed a lot to science. One of my favorite scientist is Marie Curie.....she's one of very few people to win 2 Nobel prizes and she won it in chemistry and physics, which are not easy categories, in fact they may be the hardest ones. Even so, to say state what you just stated just show how backward the feminist mentality is and proves what most agree on....and that is you fight for more than equal rights. There're great male scientists also, men like Louis Pasteur who you should thank everyday when you drink a glass of milk or juice, also many others who invented vaccines and such which is the reason you and I are alive today.

Stop with the backward mentality, fight for equality, which is what you claim to do in the first place, and nothing more because then you would be sexist. Am I a misogynist for posting this? Well most of your feminist would say I am, because they're fighting for more than equality while what I state is equality, but you may not be able to see that.

Senzu said...

You fail to understand my entire point, that is this blog just proves how backward thinking and boldface the feminist mentality is. They claim equality, but their goal is more. The title of this article proves that, and that was my point. If you can't see that, you're either a feminist or a moron. There is no equality in this entire piece, which is what feminist claim to fight for, but what they claim and their actions and results are not the same which most of the younger generation today is beginning to understand.

Mooseplaining Max said...

You mean someone wouldn't use a title as hyperbole to grab your attention? Good point. Lyndsay, please adjust your titles so you don't confuse the literally minded folk.

Senzu said...

No I mean the entire article, and anyone with common sense or even a brain that read the article can see now. No equality in this article much like the feminist movement. If equality was the end result, there would not be so many including myself that posts online on these and other blogs that almost no one visits.

Funny thing is that I got to this blog searching for men's issues, that's how the feminist movement works, anything that has to do with men's rights feminist fight against. While we only want equality, they're not satisfied by that. This article also proves that fully, and if you can't see that you're just another blinded feminist.

People that fight for equality and the like I don't have any issues with because that's what I blog about also, and this article just isn't about that. Think about an article stating just the opposite in favor of men and tell me if you think that's would be equality.

Mooseplaining Max said...

Not sure which is more appalling, your ignorance on social issues or inability to read for context and nuance. Either way, I'm out!

Senzu said...

It's your lack and understanding of equality that's the most appalling

Lindsey Weedston said...

Have you ever heard of the term "flipping the narrative?" You men always take everything too seriously. Calm down. You're getting hysterical.