Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Amazing Women of Color

It's been too long since I've done one of these.

Patrice Banks has created her very own auto mechanic business that only employs women. She is a woman of color who was fed up with men dominating the auto industry and constantly taking advantage of women's lack of knowledge about auto repairs to overcharge and swindle them, and so she took the advice of those dismissive assholes who like to say "well do it yourself then" instead of lifting a finger to actually help solve a problem - she started Girls Auto Clinic.

I think nearly all women have a story of at least suspecting being swindled by auto mechanics. I know I've paid way more than I needed to - emptying my saving's account in the process (fuck you Jiffy Lube) - before I started doing online research and learning the basics about car repairs and function. Still, I get incredibly stressed out about going to a mechanic and even going to get an oil change. Thankfully, by now my standard oil change place seems to know that I know what I'm talking about and I'm not interested in their bullshit.

Anyway, Patrice Banks was so pissed about getting swindled by men and by statistics about how male auto mechanics regularly swindle and overcharge women for parts and repairs because they're fucking assholes that she quit her job as an engineer to start her own business. Auto repairs by and for women. Auto repairs that women can actually trust. Oh my god.

This is in Philadelphia. I really really really want someone to do the same thing in the Seattle area. I would only go there for everything car-related. I wouldn't even care if they did overcharge me because whatever, at least my money is going to other women and not misogynistic shitbag men.

Thank you, Patrice Banks, for starting what I hope will be a widespread trend. Thank fuck for women of color. They have all the best ideas.

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