Tuesday, June 30, 2015

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I love Harley Quinn.

More Good News


Today is for happy things.

American Pastor Who Helped Uganda Create ‘Kill The Gays’ Law Will Be Tried For Crimes Against Humanity

Please please please throw him in prison for the rest of his nasty, homophobic life.

Unfortunately for Lively, orchestrating genocide in another country is kind of frowned upon, and in 2012 a lawsuit was filed against Lively in federal court in Massachusetts for crimes against humanity. This week, the First Circuit Court of Appeals denied Lively’s final request to have it dismissed because, well, the whole genocide thing.

Justice is coming for you, Lively.

If Women Ran Hollywood

I love a good narrative reversal. And I love Margaret Cho. So I double love this video.

"You're pretty smart for a diversity hire" LOL.

Bree Newsome: Hero

With all the terrible yesterday, I didn't get a chance to mention Bree Newsome! She, of course, is the woman who climbed the flagpole at the South Carolina capital building to take down the confederate flag because the government wouldn't. She's become something of an icon, which is well-deserved.

Check it out:

People Are Illustrating The Woman Who Removed The Confederate Flag As A Superhero

My favorite:

They threw her in jail because they're assholes. But don't worry, it only took 24 hours for people to donate enough to reach her bail. Because she is a national hero.

You can see the video of her in action here:

Monday, June 29, 2015

Gif of the Day

Yeah, we need some kitty peek-a-boo today.

Meanwhile, Facebook Continues to Be Terrible

Remember when Facebook took the positive step of adding a ton of different gender identity options and allowing for customized options? That was great.

Then remember when they decided to delete any accounts that didn't have the person's legal name attached to it? Which hurts trans people who haven't been able to legally change their names, as well as people trying to hide from abusers and somehow even people of indigenous tribes who have names that Facebook decides don't look real enough? Maybe you don't remember that, but yeah, that's still going on.

Prepare for some hardcore irony.

Woman responsible for Facebook gender options kicked off for violating real names policy

Facebook decided my name was not real enough and summarily cut me off from my friends, family and peers and left me with the stark choice between using my legal name or using a name people would know me by.

And what day did this happen? Oh yes. It was June 26th, the same day the Supreme Court legalized same-sex marriage throughout the US.


Trans Woman Beaten to Death By Police On Day of Supreme Court Ruling


Did you hear about this yet? No? Not surprised.

Two São Paulo police officers arrested for the murder of transgender woman Laura Vermont

The details are horrifying. The video even more so. This poor woman, who seems to have one absolutely nothing wrong, was chased down by a fucking mob and beaten to death. While people across the country were celebrating the nation-wide legalization of same-sex marriage, she was being brutally murdered in the streets by cops.

I didn't see this anywhere, not on Tumblr, not on Twitter, certainly not in the news, until today when a trans friend of mine told me about it.

This is what trans people mean when they say the mainstream, rich white gay male community doesn't help them and doesn't care about them. Marriage equality is great, but transmisogyny is costing a shit load of lives, and the vast majority of people don't even hear about it.

People Are Setting Black Churches On Fire


The Devil Is Busy: 6 Black Churches In The South Set On Fire Just In The Past 7 Days

Fires in Charlotte, North Carolina, and Knoxville, Tennessee, are both being investigated as arson. Authorities in Macon, Georgia, are investigating another there as “suspicious.” A fire at a Tallahasee, Florida, church was likely caused by electrical problems, authorities have said. Another in Gibson County, Tennessee, may have been caused by lightning. One burning in Charlotte is being investigated to determine if it could have been a hate crime.

This is terrifying. Where does it end? How can any of us white people dare to claim that anything is better for black people in the US today?

White people in those areas should get together and lay assign guard duty among themselves for every other black church around. Protect black communities at all costs.

Friday, June 26, 2015

Gif of the Day

President Obama Scolded and Threw Out Trans Woman of Color


Yes, President Obama supports same-sex marriage and yes, he's given some moving speeches about the importance of marriage equality. But that doesn't mean he's up for listening to every letter in the LGBT acronym.

An undocumented trans woman of color interrupted one of Obama's speeches about marriage equality to raise questions about the horrific treatment of undocumented trans women who are held in male detention centers. His response was to say "Listen, you’re in my house." Meaning she wasn't allowed to interrupt him to speak to him about the problem there in spite of the fact that this would be her only chance.

I really don't care if "heckling" is "rude" or whatever. The rights of trans women to not be subjected to horrific abuse is more important that politeness, okay?

And yeah, then security threw her out.

Recommended reading:

Obama's reply to a trans woman proves LGBT advocacy stops at gay marriage

By transgender US immigrant Meredith Talusan. Very important.

This is why we need to keep fighting.

Brad Wardell: Grown Man

So last night, still feeling angry and bummed and generally emotional about the whole Ian thing, I went on an unfocused rant about the nature of journalism and how journalists today are too easily frightened and apt to do a 180, and how presenting "both sides" of the story as though they're equal isn't fucking ethical or equal at all, and mentioning Brad Wardell in the process because I've been seeing journalists kiss his ass after he presented "his side."

And by "mentioning" I don't mean that I used @ so that my rant would pop up in his notifications. I didn't want his nasty attention, and I assumed that he would be too busy being a CEO of a company to search his name on Twitter and scroll through all the many, many mentions of his name to find my insignificant personal account.

But he did! And this is what he had to say.

Well, he did say he wasn't going to stop being sexist. And he never said he was going to be original about it, so, I guess I got what was coming to me.

But the best part about this is how this comes just after Ian gave the middle finger to women everywhere by chastising about "dogpiling." Then, this morning, because Brad constructed his tweet so that all his shitty followers would see it, I woke up to 46 notifications of sniggering dudebros going "huhuhuhuh sandwich lol/kek" or whatever. And every few minutes there's another notification from Mike or Joe liking either Brad's comment or some other asinine comment made at me by one of his followers.

Can Ian Miles Cheong please message every one of these dudes including Brad and tell them that dogpiling isn't a good look?

Same-Sex Marriage Legalized Across the US

Source: Ryan Brennecke
About fucking time.

This is actually really great, and I know a lot of people out there are unbelievably happy right now. But I want to caution my fellow cishet people. There's going to be a tendency for us to feel like we've won, that the fight is over.

Marriage is one right out of many that LBGTQAIP+ people have been denied. They can still be refused jobs in many states. They're still barred from adopting kids. Some states are still working hard to literally legalize general discrimination against them.

And they still represent a huge chunk of our homeless population. They still get kicked out by their parents for being who they are. Trans people are still denied access to necessary healthcare. Homophobic and transphobic (especially transmisogynistic) violence are still massive problems.

Don't let people say "oh, they can get married now, they totally have equal rights and therefore no reason to complain about anything ever." They're still highly oppressed and marginalized. Do not slow down for them.

Thursday, June 25, 2015

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Power misandry.


Hasbro is Marketing Jurassic World’s Female Velociraptors as Male

I wasn't sure how this was possible at first. But apparently:

Blue is a girl.  The description done by Hasbro referred to her as a he.  I thought, ‘Huh, that’s weird. Maybe they just wrote a bad description.’  But, I checked the descriptions for Charlie, Delta, and Echo as well. All were described as males by Hasbro.  They’re all females.

If you know anything about Jurassic Park, you know that all the genetically engineered dinosaur clones are female to prevent breeding. So were the Hasbro writers just fake geeks and ignorant of this fact and then automatically assumed all the dinosaurs were male because our society considers male to be the default, or did they deliberately change the genders because they thought boys wouldn't play with "girl dinosaurs" for some reason?

Either way, god damnit, Hasbro.

Male "Allies" Disappoint Once Again


Last night on Twitter, self-described sexist Brad Wardell was getting a lot of well-deserved criticism for being a self-described sexist.

Apparently, in 2010, a woman left Wardell's company after he sent her a nasty reply to an email she sent him requesting that he stop being a gross dudebro harasser. Actually, she was rather polite in the email, which you can read in entirety on Kotaku. Wardell is now calling this email "snotty," which is infantilizing and pretty misogynistic.

In his reply email, he flat-out refuses to stop making misogynistic, gross jokes and says, "I am an inappropriate, sexist, vulgar, and embarrassing person and I'm not inclined to change my behavior. If this is a problem, you will need to find another job."

Then: "I'm not some manager or coworker of yours. I own the company. It, and your job here, exist to suit my purposes, not vice versa."

Full email:

Click to Enlarge

This all is gross and horrible and illegal on so many levels. I could go on for a very long time about how awful this guy is and the entire case around it, but that's not what this post is for. I just want it to be clear that Wardell admitted to making sexist jokes, admitted to being a sexist, and then refuse to stop. So, he's terrible. Full stop. Okay.

Then this happened.

Ian Miles Cheong is a guy who has been very vocal in his support of women against GamerGate assholes. He seemed in every respect to be a person who frequently engaged in ally work for women, and I'd come to view him as someone I could count on. I don't know if he ever claimed to be a male ally or a feminist, but he certainly acted like it.

Now suddenly he's indirectly defending Wardell, admitted and proud sexist (and total GamerGater), by saying "dogpiling" the guy isn't a "good look."

So basically, coming together to call out an admitted sexist and demonstrate that his behavior will not be tolerated and go without consequences is unattractive.

How many times have women been told that standing up for themselves is unattractive? It's right up there with "you're getting too emotional" and "you'll never land a husband with that attitude."

I was stunned, deeply disappointed, and frankly, hurt.

When I called Ian out, I got this:


Apparently I was dead wrong about Ian. Not only is he willing to engage in misogynistic tropes, he defends an admitted sexist from the apparently unforgivable crime of "dogpiling," which is I guess when some mystery number of people call out someone on Twitter at the same time. According to Ian, "a dozen" is too many. I guess we should be considerate of the admitted and proud sexist and sexual harasser and only call him out one at a time so that his mentions don't get too overwhelmed with criticism. That could be mildly inconvenient or make him feel bad.

I straight up wrote a blog post defending Ian when GamerGaters were accusing him of being a Nazi. I can't help but kind of regret it, because I'm fucking spiteful like that, even though accusing anyone who is clearly not a Nazi of being a Nazi is reprehensible as shit. I guess right now I'm just that hurt and disappointed. But women everywhere should know that Ian Miles Cheong is not a male ally. Don't count on him and I wouldn't recommend following him. Especially because right now he's calling the removal of all games that contain the Confederate flag from Amazon "censorship" when he's not fucking black and therefore should be keeping his fucking mouth shut.

Men are constantly disappointing. Sigh.

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Gif of the Day

It kind of looks like he's playing the harp and is really into it.

Oh My God Rich People

These fucking people. Seriously.

This is an entire article about how much rich people in California are whining about water rationing:

Rich Californians balk at limits: ‘We’re not all equal when it comes to water’

The shit these people say, dear lord. How oblivious can you be?

People “should not be forced to live on property with brown lawns, golf on brown courses or apologize for wanting their gardens to be beautiful,” Yuhas fumed recently on social media.
"I think we’re being overly penalized, and we’re certainly being overly scrutinized by the world,” said Gay Butler, an interior designer out for a trail ride on her show horse, Bear.
“It angers me because people aren’t looking at the overall picture,” Butler said. “What are we supposed to do, just have dirt around our house on four acres?”
“I call it the war on suburbia,” said Brett Barbre, who lives in the Orange County community of Yorba City, another exceptionally wealthy Zip code.
He is fond of referring to his watering hose with Charlton Heston’s famous quote about guns: “They’ll have to pry it from my cold, dead hands.”
“California used to be the land of opportunity and freedom,” Barbre said. “It’s slowly becoming the land of one group telling everybody else how they think everybody should live their lives.”
Yuhas, who hosts a conservative talk-radio show, abhors the culture of “drought-shaming” that has developed here since the drought began four years ago, especially the aerial shots of lavish lawns targeted for derision on the local TV news.
“When we bought, we didn’t plan on getting a place that looks like we’re living in an African savanna.” 
“You could put 20 houses on my property, and they’d have families of at least four. In my house, there is only two of us,” Butler said. So “they’d be using a hell of a lot more water than we’re using.” 

I just... you can't... you aren't more important than... how can you... you can live on smaller...


These people literally think their "right" to have entirely unnecessary green lawns is more important than the right of the rest of us peasants to have access to clean water, which is necessary for us to live. And it baffles them that anyone would think otherwise.

I've been accused before of being prejudiced against rich people. Um, yeah? Have you listened to them talk???

They will let the world and all people poorer than them die to maintain their luxury, and they don't give half a fuck. I honestly don't know why we haven't risen up and taken all that wealth back. Loot their fucking mansions and force them to empty their offshore accounts at gunpoint. Then throw them on rafts and set them adrift in the ocean. Fuck 'em.

Morning Announcements

I'm spending the day with family because I never get to see them or anyone anymore. I have scheduled one full post in advance because that shit just couldn't wait. But that's all the content you're getting from me today.

If you want more content, I need money to quit my day job.

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Gif of the Day

This is such a great analogy for graduating from college in the US right now.

I Support Bernie Sanders

I called the 2016 presidential race for Hillary Clinton two years ago, and in the past have supported her because I think she'd be a total hardass who wouldn't put up with Republican bullshit.

But she is still a capitalist and an imperialist. She supports Israel in their genocide against the Palestinians. She has a long history of supporting corporate interests.

Racism Review has more:

  • In Michelle Alexander’s book, The New Jim Crow, she notes that it was Hillary Clinton who lobbied Congress to expand the drug war and mass incarceration in ways that we continue to live with today, and that have a significantly more harmful impact on black and brown people than white people ...
  • As Secretary of State, Clinton left a legacy that included both a hawkish inclination to recommend the use of military force coupled with  “turning the state department into a machine for promoting U.S. business.” ...

Hillary Clinton is, undoubtedly, a symbol of white, privileged feminism. As much as I want a woman to be president, to support her is to turn my back on people of color, LGBTQAIP+ people, disabled people, people in poverty, and everyone else hurt by pro-corporate policy that inevitably hurts those most vulnerable to poverty.

Bernie Sanders may be a white man, but he's also Jewish. We have never had a Jewish president due to the fact that antisemitism is still alive and well. As a gentile, I have privilege over Jewish people, too.

He's also far more progressive.

This is just his economic policy plan:

* Invest in our crumbling infrastructure with a major program to create jobs by rebuilding roads, bridges, water systems, waste water plants, airports, railroads and schools. 
* Transform energy systems away from fossil fuels to create jobs while beginning to reverse global warming and make the planet habitable for future generations.  
* Develop new economic models to support workers in the United States instead of giving tax breaks to corporations which ship jobs to low-wage countries overseas. 
* Make it easier for workers to join unions and bargain for higher wages and benefits. 
* Raise the federal minimum wage from $7.25 an hour so no one who works 40 hours a week will live in poverty.  
* Provide equal pay for women workers who now make 78 percent of what male counterparts make.  
* Reform trade policies that have shuttered more than 60,000 factories and cost more than 4.9 million decent-paying manufacturing jobs.  
* Make college affordable and provide affordable child care to restore America’s competitive edge compared to other nations. 
* Break up big banks. The six largest banks now have assets equivalent to 61 percent of our gross domestic product, over $9.8 trillion. They underwrite more than half the mortgages in the country and issue more than two-thirds of all credit cards.  
* Join the rest of the industrialized world with a Medicare-for-all health care system that provides better care at less cost. 
* Expand Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid and nutrition programs.  
* Reform the tax code based on wage earners’ ability to pay and eliminate loopholes that let profitable corporations stash profits overseas and pay no U.S. federal income taxes.

These are all policies I support. And he is not entirely pro-Israel, though he doesn't go far enough to condemn this obvious genocide.

We white feminists can't support just any woman for president just because we want a woman to be president. It's completely selfish and a betrayal of our less privileged sisters. Support Bernie.

Bruce Everiss

Another misogynistic dinosaur is spewing incredibly sexist Twitter vomit at me, so he gets his very own post.

Bruce Everiss is apparently a veteran video game marketer. Should he approach you offering his services, consider the following:

Click to Enlarge

Click to Enlarge

Click to Enlarge

He's unabashedly posting this kind of shit all over his Twitter account and has not deleted any of it despite the fact that I warned him I was going to spread it around, so feel free to check him out for yourself. Do you want to purchase the services of a proud misogynist? Just sayin'.

Click to Enlarge

Recommended Reading


Required reading for white people.

White Fragility, Silence, and Supremacy: Why All White Hands Are Bloody

Yes, all of our hands are bloody. I don't care if you've never personally hurt a black person or think you've never had a racist thought in your head. Our collective silence and inaction has allowed black people to be murdered by police and white supremacists and allowed our government to lock them up for bullshit and kick their children out of underfunded schools for minor infractions that white children commit without incident.

And yes, that includes myself. I have not done nearly enough.

If your first reaction to this kind of thing is to say "Well what do I have to DO to get rid of this GUILT that I feel me me me me me mememememe!" then you're a selfish crapbasket and you need to pull your head out of your ass and think about other people for a second.

We need to take responsibility collectively, all of us, because failure to take responsibility is not only disrespectful to the people whose oppression we benefit from, it allows us to do nothing. If it's not our problem, we can ignore it and we don't even have to do minimal ally work like talking about it and calling each other out. But as soon as you take responsibility, you have to do something. That responsibility stays with you, and unless you're a complete asshole, you're spurred into some kind of action every time white supremacy rears its ugly head.

Refusal to take responsibility is dedication to inaction and silence. Inaction and silence allows injustice, and in the case of black people in the US, brutal murder at the hands of white people every 28 hours, to happen.

You're no better than the roommates of the white terrorist who did nothing when they learned that he was planning to kill black people. Inaction maintains the status quo, and the status quo is white supremacy and a community living in constant fear and grief. Try not to make it all about you.

Monday, June 22, 2015

Gif of the Day

Oh Tumblr, bless me with cuteness after having to deal with that gross entitled slime mold person.


Mail Time!


Readers should know that I do have it set up so that any comment that includes a link is marked for moderation, and I have to approve it before it's published in the comments section. This is to eliminate spam comments. It may take me a bit to get to your comment, especially if you leave it on a weekend or close to a weekend and/or if your comment is generally exhausting.

For example, this mess of a comment I received last Friday, followed up with an email from the commenter imploring me to engage in "honest argument."

Full text of the email (formatting altered to make it easier to read):

I'm doing research for my own blog. One thing I continually run into is feminists' unwillingness to engage in honest argument. I know this is your own blog and you can do whatever you want but I've yet to meet a feminist willing to argue honestly without applying censorship at some point. My position is disturbing, to be sure, but that doesn't make it incorrect, unfortunately. And it doesn't require censorship. I've nothing to hide.

Only dishonest philosophies require censorship.(But maybe my post just ended up in the spaminator and then the above doesn't apply to you. Maybe you are the one feminist willing to engage in an honest discussion with me.)

This is what I wrote on the subject of male entitlement :

I think it is better to define entitlement in terms of power and evil as abuse of power.On average, men have the physical power, and women have the sexual power.A man should not abuse his physical power to force a woman into having sex, but a woman shouldn't abuse her sexual power either. 
But modern women seem to believe that they do not have to have any concern for the feelings of men whatsoever EVEN IF (and this is the important point) they purposefully, intentfully, cause sexual arousal in a man. It's becoming so absurd that women can even do this out of spite, and not be considered bad people. 
It's like in the old days when a woman got raped and nobody listened or took her seriously, only reversed. 
(Anecdote : I've been the victim of sexual harassment on the work floor by women three times. I was completely powerless to do anything about it. In the first two cases I had to leave because of bullying/mobbing as a consequence. The last time the woman left because I was experienced enough to withstand the psychological warfare. As a result of this I have developed psychological and physical health issues.) 
The standard refutation is : But it doesn't hurt men physically, like rape does women. And that's a lie, as shown by science. 
I can present some scientific research that shows that male fruit flies live shorter when they do not mate and are exposed to female hormones. The sexually frustrated male flies live way shorter. It's in dutch, you'll have to use google translate probably. 
So denying a man sex seems to be actually detrimental to his health. So when a woman causes arousal out of spite or for reasons of manipulation etc. she's actually performing the female equivalent of rape. And such bad women, because of the removal of male sexual entitlement in all of its shapes and forms, become unlimitedly powerful. In just the same way as someone like Bill Cosby used to be. Only reversed. 
So feminists, if you are really concerned with equality please get the facts straight about male physiology. Otherwise you end up being just as morally despicable as the male rapist.

Hold on.


Dear "The Adversary,"

First of all, the phrase "honest argument" is entirely subjective and essentially meaningless. What is "honest argument" to you? If it looks like an absence of emotion or involves treating you as though your opinion is utterly valid and not completely fucked up, then you're not looking for "honest argument." You're looking for people to hide perfectly natural and valid emotional responses, which are at least 50% of any honest response to such a topic, and pretend like everything you said is based entirely on subjective logic, which is clearly untrue.

You are not coming from an emotionless or honest place. It's based on absolute falsehoods that themselves are based in a deep sense of entitlement to women's bodies.

First of all, I can't imagine how little respect you have to have for men to compare them to fruit flies. An experiment on tiny insects that live for a day has no bearing on actual human beings. You have to be cautious any time you use an experiment on any non-human animal to make an assertion that applies to humans. But fruit flies?

Did you know that female ferrets will become severely anemic and likely die if they don't mate after going into estrus? Kind of fucks up your fruit fly analogy,

Denying someone access to your body is in in no way comparable to any kind of assault on someone's body. I don't give a flying fuck if men are harmed if I don't sleep with them. Why the actual jet-powered fuck am I responsible for any man's health? Am I supposed to fuck every man who gets an erection near me? Should I give any man my blood any time he feels a bit anemic? Should I go out and give every man on the organ donor list my organs until I have none left and am severely dead?

You are comparing refusing to put my body up for unlimited access to any man who wants it regardless of whether I want to fuck him to rape - a massive and violent violation of a person's body and bodily autonomy. That is fucking disgusting, I am disgusted by you, and that is the honest truth and completely valid.

Women do not have "sexual power" over men. Men are just as capable of purposely arousing women and then not fucking them. You only think that women have sexual power over you because they won't fuck you. Which is their right.

I'm sorry that you were sexually harassed. I have been too, and it sucks. But you aren't special because your harassers didn't fuck you after. Not fucking you is not a form of harassment.

Women not fucking you after you got hard is not rape. It is not even in the same universe as rape. I don't care if they did it on purpose. Sure, if their sexual behavior made you uncomfortable and they did not stop, that is sexual harassment. But refusal to fuck you is not.

And what even is this?

And such bad women, because of the removal of male sexual entitlement in all of its shapes and forms, become unlimitedly powerful.

Are you straight up saying here that men are entitled to sex? Because you are 100% not. Ever. At all. No one is. And having bodily autonomy is a basic, essential human right, not a form of power over others. What the basic essential fuck is wrong with you?

I'm guessing you're also basing this on a lot of bullshit, pop psychology nonsense about human physiology and the commonly repeated myths about male vs. female sexuality. Here are the facts: Men don't need sex to live, or to be healthy, any more than any other gender. Men are not physically harmed by getting aroused and not getting sex (testicular discomfort is not physical harm) and are not psychologically harmed by the same. Your hurt ego is not in the same dimension as the effects of being raped.

And the fact that you would compare the two makes you not only disgusting, but terrifying, because this is the kind of deep male entitlement and dishonesty around that entitlement that has been demonstrated to be in the minds of actual convicted rapists. That is why feminists respond to you with revulsion and cut you down in a way that you've conveniently labeled "not honest argument" or refused to engage you at all. It's because you talk like a fucking rapist. And that refusal is not "censorship," it's self-preservation. You're not entitled to our time and energy either.

Literally, if you haven't already, I have no doubt that your attitudes about male entitlement to bodies will lead you to rape someone. Fucking re-evaluate your entire worldview immediately for the safety of everyone around you, and in the meantime stay the fuck away from me and my blog.



Did You Know

That sloths make the most hilarious and ridiculous little noise. The sloth goes "EHH."

And when they're babies, this comes out as the tiniest, most precious little squeak oh my god.


Featured Blog: Manslator

I can't believe I haven't featured this blog yet.

Manslator seeks out various misogynistic ramblings and bullshit and translates them "for the average reader." The results are hilarious.

Click to Enlarge
[Question: "You can't tell me no. You're single. There's no reason not to go out with me."

Manslation: The good news is, we’ve perfected our machine to grant corporeal form to male entitlement! The bad news is, we’ve perfected our machine to grant corporeal form to male entitlement.]

And then:

please manslate this: “I’m not a sexist. I just don’t think we should try to achieve gender equality everywhere, especially not in a Man’s sport”

"Manslation: I’m not a motorcycle. I’m just a two-wheeled vehicle with an engine. I’m not a paintbrush. I’m just a handle with soft bristles on the end. I’m not a sun. I’m just a sphere of plasma held together by my own gravity that’s undergoing thermonuclear fusion. I’m not a piece of poop. I’m just brown and smelly and came out of someone’s butt."

Seriously, everything on this blog is pure gold. Thank fuck for Manslator.

Friday, June 19, 2015

Gif of the Day

I love this episode and I love BMO.

Stop Using Mental Illness


Mental illness contributes to a lot of problems. Poverty. Physical illness. Addiction. Lack of education. Suicide rates.

But nobody wants to talk about mental illness until it suits them somehow. Like when you can use it as a motive for a mass murder terrorist attack because you don't want to talk about structural racism and misogyny.

To these people, mental illness is nothing but a convenient excuse to avoid talking about problems that make privileged people even more uncomfortable and to distance themselves from the situation. "That openly racist guy killed a bunch of black people? Must have been mental illness, yeah, we need better mental illness treatment in this country, let's get right on that."

Nothing happens.

"That openly misogynistic guy went out to murder a bunch of women? Dang we need to talk about mental illness, let's stop that mental illness problem before more people get hurt!"

Nothing happens.

And nothing happens because no one really pushes for better mental health treatment in this country except for the few days that the latest mass shooting is in the news cycle. We get like one executive order for government officials to look into creating a better system of mental health care and then we dust off our hands and wait for the next mass shooting.

God forbid we actually have good mental health care in the US. Then what would you blame white male terrorism on?

And of course this cycle has the effect of associating the most horrific forms of violence with mental illness. But people don't even know what they mean when they talk about mental illness. I'm mentally ill because I have generalized anxiety disorder, but that illness probably makes me less likely to be violent because I'm afraid of guns, I'm afraid of people being mad at me, and I don't think I could handle the stress of prison at all.

But they're not talking about people like me when they say "mentally ill" or "crazy" or "psychotic," are they? First of all, "psychotic" refers to a specific mental state called psychosis, which is defined as a loss of connection to reality. This takes many forms and is a symptom of many different mental disorders - all of them being more severe than what I experience. Being psychotic is rarely dangerous to other people.

In disorders like schizophrenia, the people who experience it are less likely to hurt other people than the general population. Yet people with schizophrenia are treated so badly by our media and society at large. They're feared and misunderstood and widely discriminated against and abused.

But as much as we harm psychotic people, they so rarely harm us. Which is why we need to put the term "psychotic" as a pejorative to bed.

And unless you're a mental health professional, mental health advocate, or have already addressed the obvious motives like racism or misogyny or Islamophobia and general systemic societal oppression and bigotry encouraged on a daily basis by media public officials and police, then do not even bring up mental illness. Don't do it. You don't even know anything about mental illness.

If you did, you'd know that you don't need to be mentally ill to kill someone. If you do, then what are we even doing to our soldiers? And our police officers?



In the wake of the Charleston white terrorist attack, people are calling for South Carolina and every other state that still displays the Confederate flag to #TakeItDown.

It could not be more clear that the white terrorist attack on the black church in Charleston was a racist, anti-black hate crime. The guy admitted that he wanted to kill black people in order to defend white people, and specifically white women from rape which infuriates me because FUCK YOU, YOU TERRORIST MONSTER. IT'S MEN LIKE YOU THAT I FEAR, MEN LIKE YOU THAT RAPE AND ABUSE AND KIDNAP AND MURDER US IN THE WORST WAYS IMAGINABLE, YOU DO NOT SPEAK FOR ME AND I FUCKING HATE YOU.

So yeah. The Confederate flag has been tolerated for too long. If you want a Southern pride flag, make a new one that doesn't have roots in the defense of chattel slavery, lynchings, Jim Crow, and all every other anti-black, hateful shame of our country. Take down all Confederate flags and burn them. Then piss on them. Then burn them again.

Don't Buy From Kotex


There's been a lot of talk lately about the "tampon tax," since those very necessary products for people who menstruate are deemed "non-essential" in the US and until very recently, Canada, and therefore include a sales tax. This despite the widespread cis male hysteria about "free bleeding" and how horrifically unsanitary it is for people who menstruate to go without tampons or pads during their period.

You can see the disconnect here.

But what people haven't been talking about is just how fucked up these male-run tampon companies are and how those of us who are privileged enough to afford other options should boycott the shit out of them.

Toxic Shock: Why This Woman Is Suing a Tampon Company After Losing Her Leg

In the 1980's, people who used tampons started dying of toxic shock syndrome at an alarming rate. If you don't know, TSS happens when a massive amount of infectious bacteria like Staphylococcus blooms in the human body, causing a huge spike in fever and organ failure, often leading to death. It can also lead to gangrene, such as in the case of Lauren Wasser, who thanks to Kotex is now an amputee model.

The problem with common tampon brands is that they use a particular synthetic fiber that is basically Staphylococcus paradise. This bacteria, responsible for the infamous Staph infections common in hospital settings, is found naturally in an entire 20% of the population. If you are one of those people and you also menstruate, using tampons puts you at risk.

They didn't know this in the 1980's, and so a bunch of people died. After they figured out that it was the synthetic material in tampons turning the human vagina into a petri dish, they put a warning on tampon boxes and NOTHING ELSE. They did not change the material in tampons. Tampons are still made the same way with the same shit as they were in the 1980's.

Yeah. And now Lauren only has one complete leg and no toes.

While it's wonderful that she's overcome the initial depression that naturally comes with losing a part of your body and is now an incredible representative for amputees, continuing her modeling career while featuring her artificial leg, this should never have happened to her. Ever. And someone with less privilege than the white, thin, conventionally beautiful, and rich Lauren might not have made it through. But I am kind of glad her parents are rich because now Kotex is getting so sued.

What's super fucked up about this story is that Lauren knew she was supposed to change her tampon every 3-4 hours and leave it in no longer than 8, but when she fell ill (it's unclear if she was already developing a Staph infection or if she had an unrelated illness) and accidentally slept for god knows how many hours with her tampon in, she nearly died anyway. But most girls don't even know about TSS because our sex education is shit and god forbid anyone ever talk about menstruation ever, and most people ignore warning labels, especially on products they're told they MUST USE OR DEAR GOD CIS MEN MIGHT GET UNCOMFORTABLE.

I've never used a tampon in my life. At age 11 when I experienced menarche, the idea of sticking something up my vagina and leaving it there for hours was too fucked up to contemplate. Later, I learned about TSS not in school, but from my sister, and was then too afraid to try them. I used pads, the only other option I knew about, though they were uncomfortable and the thicker ones made me feel like I was wearing a diaper.

Today, I still use pads, but I finally ditched those awful, plastic-y, crinkly, sticky, pube-hair-pulling-y, mass produced by male-run companies pieces of shit for reusable cotton pads. They are so fucking soft and comfortable and amazing. I got mine from Lunapads, which makes them in all kinds of adorable colorful prints. Not that I can show them off, but it makes me happy. They also have menstrual cups and special panties that can be used for periods, pregnancy, or light bladder leaks.

The problem, again, is privilege. Though you'll ultimately save a lot of money by buying reusable cotton pads, panties, or cups, getting enough to cover you for the week requires that you be able to save up a pretty decent amount of money at once - probably over $100 unless your periods are fairly light.

If brands like Kotex actually did use natural fibers or at least synthetic shit that didn't create an ideal environment for Staph growth (and don't be fooled by the ones that say "natural" on the box - that's what Lauren was using, "natural" means nothing), they could save lives. And legs. But all they did was stick a "get out of jail free" card on every box. Because they don't care about people who menstruate - or in their eyes, women. If cis men menstruated then hahahahaha, well, you know.

So they change nothing and rake in the cash. And that is why, if you have the privilege of choice in the matter, do not buy from Kotex and Always and similar brands. There are actual people who menstruate making much better products that will not kill you. Buy from them.


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Gif of the Day

I tried to find the cutest gif possible for today. It actually SMILES good lord.

Remember the Victims


We all know by now how infuriating it is to see the names and faces of mass murderers plastered all over the news and Internet so that they can get exactly what they wanted - to be immortalized and known. Fuck that. The black community is calling for the murderer of the Charleston church victims to be referred to only as a white terrorist, for his image to be shown nowhere, and for us to instead immortalize the names and faces of the victims.

See here for a full list of the victims with photos and summaries of who they were:

These Are The Victims Of The Charleston Church Shooting

Spread this around, not the name and face and legacy of the white terrorist.

White Supremacy Kills



I don't even have words, really. Other than to remind my fellow white people that men like Dylann Storm Roof exist and that they are just waiting for an excuse to murder black people. Think about that next time you're tempted to call black protesters "thugs."

I hope the victims' families, friends, and the entire black community can find some kind of peace, but there's no real peace for them in our anti-black, racist society.

Remember their names.

Rest in peace, Senator Clementa Pinckney.

Rest in peace, Cynthia Hurd.

And peace to the other seven victims, yet unidentified.

The LA Times has a good list of information, should you need it.

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Gif of the Day

"I know you can hear MY thoughts, boy. Meow meow meow meow, meow meow meow meow..."



What even was this show. I remember watching it as a kid and just what.

I haven't watched any other Vines from account It Came From The VCR but I bet it's a gold mine.

Mail Time!

I got a rare bit of actual decent mail with a real question from someone I'll refer to as "CC." CC asked the following:

I have a somewhat complicated question. I have encountered on several occasions, men who identify as feminists or allies but who won't acknowledge that when it comes to the issues of women, they sometimes just need to step back and defer. But I've been told that not considering their opinions in such discussions is totally patriarchal and dogmatic. In a sense, I feel that these particular men are policing my feminism and how I experience things as a woman. I'm not sure how to respond to that. As women AND feminists, are we allowed to decide whether a man gets to have a role in discussions of our bodies and experiences and determine the extent to which their roles are meaningful? Do you happen to have any previous posts on the subject matter?

Dear CC,

Firstly, you are absolutely right! The men telling you that not "considering" their "opinions" is being patriarchal are in fact that ones being patriarchal! They're also terrible and need an extensive time out in the garbage can!

I do in fact have a couple key posts that address this problem. The first is one of my more popular posts, entitled Men and Their Very Important Opinions. It explains how their insistence on giving opinions on things they don't and can't truly understand is hypocritical and how talking over women about their own experiences is an aspect of male entitlement that reinforces the patriarchal notion that every single little thought that comes into their head is an Incredibly Important Opinion That All Must Listen To Because Listen To Me I'm A Man LisTEN TO ME.

You also might find it helpful to direct these men to my post How to Ally. Step 3 explains how important it is for privileged people to shut the hell up.

To get through this challenging step, you need to realize two things. The first is that you are not and will never be an expert in the experiences of people whom you have privilege over. Men can educate themselves and listen to women for their whole lives, but they will still never have the same experiences, and therefore cannot understand on a deep, emotional level what women go through. It's not their fault, but it's true. And you wouldn't expect to be taken seriously on any other subject if you weren't an expert, right? You don't bust into a panel at a physics convention and go "I've watched Big Bang Theory so everyone listen to my opinions about physics!" Do you? 
Second is that no matter how insightful and new an idea you might think you have about a maginalization you don't experience, I can almost guarantee that someone else has already said it. A woman has already written something about that, guys. White people, don't bother writing about that insight you had on race relations, because there are already several books about it that were written by people of color.

I hope this helps. Few things are more frustrating than so-called "allies" who can't even do the basic ally work of realizing that every thought that pops into their head is not more important than actually listening to the oppressed people they have power over.

Yours Always,


Male Privilege

There's a pretty great article on Everyday Feminism right now that was written by a trans man who noticed a few interesting differences in how he was treated after he transitioned.

These 25 Examples of Male Privilege from a Trans Guy’s Perspective Really Prove the Point

I don't know anything about James St. James other than that he's a trans man, but keep in mind that there are a number of additional types of oppression that would probably change the nature of many or most of these items.

That being said, this is a really awesome thing that now exists in the world. Every one of those 25 items rings true to me as a woman. It makes me want to do some experimentation of my own. It's easy to pose as a man online. I'd love to see how differently I'm treated in certain online spaces with classically "feminine" user names as opposed to classically "masculine" user names.

If the items on this list surprise you at all, whether you're a man or a woman, I'd encourage you to start paying attention in everyday life. After I started paying attention, it kind of shocked me how stark the differences between how men are treated in conversation and how women are treated. In a mixed group of men and women, especially in groups of middle aged adults, I see men rapid-fire conversing and interrupting each other all the time at such a pace that women can't get a word in. You know why? Because women are actually taught that interrupting someone is rude and that you should wait until the other person is done.

Actually, it's more than that. Men and women are taught that it's rude when women interrupt people. Have you ever tried interrupting men as a woman? I had a job once that I'd already decided I was going to quit soon, and I had developed contempt for a male coworker who had been treating me with contempt - acting like I was ignorant of very simple things related to my job while clearly he was incredibly ignorant himself, having little to no experience in his own position.

So I made a point to interrupt him the moment he started over-explaining something I already knew about to finish his thought for him so we could move on. The first couple times, his reaction was surprise and confusion. This soon moved on to clear, pronounced irritation. It was lovely.

If you're a man and you think you would enjoy fucking with people in a way that would also be feminist ally work, consider using this list as inspiration. Start telling random men to smile. Start policing what they eat and how they dress. Act offended when men interrupt you and interrupt other men who have interrupted women to say, in so many words, "shut up and let Jenny talk." Laugh your ass off when women are sarcastic, but when men are sarcastic, tell them to calm down.

I'm giving you license to use your male privilege to fuck with people. Run wild.

Monday, June 15, 2015

Gif of the Day


This is Why I'm Pro-Gun Control


Because no, guns do not help women protect themselves when a man decides to shoot them in the back for filing sexual harassment charges against him.

Open Carry 'advocate' guns down woman who complained of sexual harassment.

Actually, she complained 6 times and nothing was done. I mean, except for by the dude who KILLED HER.

Once again, women can't go through the channels that we're told we're supposed to when we're harassed because 1) Nothing happens and 2) People will fucking kill us for it.

Once again, giving women guns to "protect ourselves" doesn't work because 1) all the studies in the universe show that more guns = less safety and 2) you can't very well defend yourself from a dude who decides to shoot you IN THE BACK without warning. Men don't have the honor they like to pretend they have. They're not going to let you know they're coming or challenge you to a fucking duel. They're just going to shoot you in the back.

1000th Post!

Guess what! You're reading Not Sorry Feminism post #1000!!!

I can't believe it's been almost a year already since this blog was born. In that time, I've had 129,864 pageviews, 654 mostly pissed off comments, and offended a lot of men. Time well spent.

The past 999 posts were just 999 of many thousands to come. This blog may change in the years to come, like maybe I'll actually have some kind of web designer make me a real design for the web and all that shit, but it will always be there. Even when I die, I'll pass this blog along to someone else who I deem worthy to carry on my misandry.

As a wild and awesome coincidence, over the weekend I also got my blog's first donation!

A toast to Twitter's Mooseplaining Max, an account I immediately followed as soon as I learned of its existence because MOOSEPLAINING LOL. Mr. Max spends his time on Twitter mocking various 'splainers and posting images of moose. Follow for good moose times.

Keep doing that good work, Mooseplaining Max.

And further thanks to everyone else who keeps me going - friends, family, random people from the Internet, angry dudebros and anti-feminists coming here to troll and make bad arguments. You keep me going, whether it's from praise and support or because I'm a spiteful asshole. Thank you, everyone.

Friday, June 12, 2015

Gif of the Day

LEGO Jurassic World.

Serena Williams is the Best At Sports

No literally.

Not even using hyperbole here.

Like, she's better than any man at any sport right now.

Forget tennis for a moment, though: when I say the greatest athlete in a generation, I mean the greatest in any sport. Sorry, LeBron. Sorry, Tiger. Sorry, Derek. For fifteen years, over two generations of tennis, Williams has been a spectacular and constant yet oddly uncherished national treasure. She is wealthy and famous, but it seems that she should be more famous, the most famous. Anyone who likes sports should love Williams’s dazzling combination of talent, persistence, style, unpredictability, poise, and outsized, heart-on-her-sleeve flaws.

I'm not really into sports, but I've of course heard of Serena Williams. But I did not know that she'd recently won her 20th Grand Slam title (don't know what that is but she's apparently scored two more in less than a year). I also didn't know that she'd won her first U.S. Open at the age of 17. Now she's 32 and still kicking ass despite the fact that most male athletes by that point have crapped out.

This black woman is an incredible example of human athleticism. Why isn't she more recognized in our society?

Haha just kidding.

Rachel Dolezal Fucknado

I didn't think "shitstorm" was a strong enough word for this.

Short version: Woman in Spokane who is the head of the city's chapter of the NAACP and also teaches African-American Studies at Eastern Washington University and who has been identifying herself as black has turned out to probably be totally white. Her parents are both white and are saying that she's "misrepresenting her ethnicity."

This is so bad. For so many reasons. But don't take my word for it. You should be listening to black people about it.

Dear Rachel: A Letter From Goldie Taylor To #RachelDolezal

Rachel Dolezal: What blackface looks like in 2015

Rachel Dolezal's deception: her 'black' identity doesn't make sense – or make her black

And it gets worse. TWEFS (trans women-exclusionary feminists) and other assholes are trying to compare Dolezal to Caitlyn Jenner, saying that being "transracial" (a term that they are utterly misusing because they don't know what the fuck it actually means) is the same as being transgender, so we should accept her, right? Or we should also be rejecting Jenner. Fucking hell.

Why Comparing Rachel Dolezal To Caitlyn Jenner Is Detrimental To Both Trans And Racial Progress

To be clear, transracial is actually a term that describes a person of color who was adopted into a white family. It is sometimes generalized to mean any person who is adopted into a family of a different race. It has nothing to do with changing one's race. Also, being transgender does not mean that you changed your gender. It means you were assigned one gender at birth, but that assignment was wrong.

So yeah, all of this is completely fucked.

Headline of the Month

This is an actual real headline:

This is a fake headline but also profoundly true:

Seriously, why is anyone supposed to care if a couple of homophobes get divorced? Go ahead and waste your money. Flush an extra couple hundred down the toilet for pansexual couples.

Thursday, June 11, 2015

Gif of the Day

If you're a man, the answer is always "no."

Privilege and Feminism: Body Hair

An article from Elite Daily popped up on my Facebook feed about the trend of women taking photos of themselves showing their armpit hair and posting them online.While this is all well and good, and you know how I love to see men get all uncomfortable and upset, check out the photos in this article and see if you can find the issue with them.

Armpit Hair Is Trending, And It’s A Step Forward For Women Everywhere

Women everywhere? Are you sure?

Because what I see there is a list of a whole lot of white women.

Growing and exposing body hair is definitely an action of resistance. Refusing to abide by pointless beauty standards enforced with vicious body shaming and all that. But it's not an action that is accessible for everyone.

Women of color are policed not only based on their gender, but also based on race. If they dare to have body hair, they have to deal with shit like being called animals. Once progressive-seeming white women will turn around and call them ugly for it. The beauty industry isn't just misogynistic - it's also based in white supremacy.

Having body hair is also a much less accessible option for trans women, who face immense pressure to assimilate to sexist beauty norms. Letting their body hair grow puts them at risk for much more than grossed out looks and insults. Being read as trans puts them at high risk for assault and murder. There's also a good portion of feminists who, if they even support trans women on any level, demand (ironically) that they conform to beauty standards, and if they don't, are accused of not really being trans or not being trans enough, whatever that means.

Until issues of racism and transmisogyny are addressed, showing armpit hair to the world will not be a step forward for women everywhere. It will only be a step forward for white women.

Flawless Feminist Victory

Another innocent man has had his entire life ruined by evil feminists just for suggesting that all female scientists do is fall in love with men and cry. After being hit with a Twitter sarcasm-storm, Tim Hunt has been forced to end his career at the young age of 72.

Whatever will science do without an old man who refers to women with PhD's as "girls" and makes misogynistic jokes that are even more ancient than he is? Haha just kidding. As a feminist, I don't care anything about the fate of men.

Seriously, though, it's nice to see that it only took a couple days for this irrelevant old shit to resign after what he said, and it's super satisfying to know that his comments were met with "stony silence" from the audience, followed quickly by everyone else in the scientific community mocking and calling him out online.

Force all misogynists to resign 2k15.

You can read about the whole thing and see a nice list of examples of snark on the New York Times.

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Gif of the Day

This is a gif of an octopus taking his coconut halves and going home.

"Fuck your bullshit," says the octopus.

#GiveYourMoneyToWomen Experiment

So I tried out a little experiment the other day after the whole #GiveYourMoneyToWomen thing. Inspired, I decided to demand compensation for my work from one of those boring dudes who like to go on feminist blogs and write out boring essays using boring, already-refuted-a-thousand-times-by-a-thousand-different-feminist arguments like "but men have to sign up for the draft how sad for us that we created that and refused to let women even join for hundreds of years." And we're expected to respond as though they're worth our time, or else we're not participating in discussion and are just unreasonable man-haters that won't listen to "logic."

I responded once, and then when he came back at me with yet another essay instead of listening or actually doing his own research, I responded with this:

"As for the rest, your Not Sorry Feminism Free Trial has ended. For further education, please make a donation under your name to my Patreon account or directly to my Paypal."

You can find it under the "Joss Whedon: King of Bad Allies" post, or, in case he goes and deletes his comment, here:

No donation, but something even better happened. He left me the fuck alone. I've found an antidote to the boring "pretend to be invested in a real argument" troll. Demand payment for his education. Watch him vanish.

This is fucking groundbreaking, people.

Afternoon Announcements

Oh my GOD EMDR. So tired now.

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Gif of the Day

Have I ever mentioned how much I love Wall-E? Come sit here while I explain to you why it's history's greatest love story.

US Anti-Black Racism Update


This is pretty horrifying.

Short version: Black kid, Kalief Browder, is accused of stealing a backpack. No backpack or evidence is found on him. They throw him in jail anyway to await trial. He's confined on Rikers Island for three years because they keep delaying it. When the case is finally thrown out, he's released. Last Saturday, he killed himself after many attempts.

Long version here.

He was arrested at age 16 and ended his life at age 22. Can you blame him? Two of the three years on Rikers were in solitary confinement. He talked about frequent beatings, at least one of which can be seen on prison footage. His entire life was ruined on a false charge over a BACKPACK.

There is no justice for black people. White people in the US go on and on about their constitutional rights when black people don't have the right to a speedy trial. Or a fair one. Or innocence until proven guilty. Or anything, really.

There is no end to the horror.

Amazing Women of Color

It's been too long since I've done one of these.

Patrice Banks has created her very own auto mechanic business that only employs women. She is a woman of color who was fed up with men dominating the auto industry and constantly taking advantage of women's lack of knowledge about auto repairs to overcharge and swindle them, and so she took the advice of those dismissive assholes who like to say "well do it yourself then" instead of lifting a finger to actually help solve a problem - she started Girls Auto Clinic.

I think nearly all women have a story of at least suspecting being swindled by auto mechanics. I know I've paid way more than I needed to - emptying my saving's account in the process (fuck you Jiffy Lube) - before I started doing online research and learning the basics about car repairs and function. Still, I get incredibly stressed out about going to a mechanic and even going to get an oil change. Thankfully, by now my standard oil change place seems to know that I know what I'm talking about and I'm not interested in their bullshit.

Anyway, Patrice Banks was so pissed about getting swindled by men and by statistics about how male auto mechanics regularly swindle and overcharge women for parts and repairs because they're fucking assholes that she quit her job as an engineer to start her own business. Auto repairs by and for women. Auto repairs that women can actually trust. Oh my god.

This is in Philadelphia. I really really really want someone to do the same thing in the Seattle area. I would only go there for everything car-related. I wouldn't even care if they did overcharge me because whatever, at least my money is going to other women and not misogynistic shitbag men.

Thank you, Patrice Banks, for starting what I hope will be a widespread trend. Thank fuck for women of color. They have all the best ideas.

Flawless Feminist Victory


To be precise, this is a flawless black African feminist victory. We white feminists may have stood behind it, but it was black women who made it happen.

History Has Been Made. Female Genital Mutilation Banned In Nigeria.

It should really be called clitoral mutilation. Maybe this should be called a cis black feminist victory. But it is important. Stella Mukasa, director of Gender, Violence and Rights at the International Center for Research on Women and Ugandan woman, wrote a piece about this victory for The Guardian in which she warns that the law alone is not enough.

Clitoral mutilation is a cultural practice - part of why it's so important to allow African women to lead the charge against it - making it difficult to eradicate as plenty of people are willing to break the law to maintain their cultural traditions. Some of these people are women.

The existence of white supremacy and colonialism makes this a sensitive issue, one that we white people must be careful in addressing. We need to make sure we're uplifting the voices of women in the countries where this happens rather than speaking over them because we don't understand the culture in which this happens.