Monday, May 18, 2015

Privilege in Action


Still having trouble with the concept of white privilege? It's your lucky day. A perfect example has popped up, courtesy of a bunch of white skinhead bikers.

White privilege means that no matter how crappy your life is in other aspects, if you and a bunch of your white biker friends have a shootout with another group of bikers that leaves nine dead, you can expect to be treated with gentle dignity by the cops.

Image of a tweet by @gregGQholmes

[Tweet text: No plastic god tied suspects, no tear gas, no paddy wagons, no beatings...OH WAIT...white bad guys #TwinPeaksShooting]

Look at those white criminals, sitting comfortably and safely while they wait to be taken straight to the police station without being injured.

The cops aren't even in riot gear even though they apparently knew this shit was going to go down.

192 people arrested. Zero suspects dead. Zero children pepper sprayed.

Do you get it yet???????????????

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