Tuesday, May 12, 2015

People Literally Being Legally Sold in the US Yes Hi This is Happening


Wow hello there so I got to see a recent video of white men actually selling people of color at auction holy shit this is a real thing happening oh my god stop what you're doing and freak out about this right now please.

Outrageous Prison Scheme Allows Banks and Private Companies to Make Millions Exploiting Inmates and Their Families

There's some basic information for you there, and here's what I saw:

Immigrants For Sale

This is a 33-minute documentary. At 16:38 you can view the "Bill Clayton Detention Center Auction" and witness what appears to seriously be a modern-day version of slave auctions. It is so. fucked. up.

But hey when you're constantly dehumanizing undocumented immigrants by calling them "illegals" or, as one woman at the ironically-named South Carolina Freedom Summit said, "rats and roaches," what do you expect to happen?

Apparently you can expect slave auctions to happen. I know my shock right now is the shock of white privilege. Latin@s and undocumented immigrants probably already knew or at least wouldn't be very surprised. But for my fellow white people, freak out and get angry and make this shit stop. We need to spread this and start petitions and start shaming the fuck out of these horrible companies until it becomes a huge national issue. If we can do it with GMOs we can do it with the issue of people being sold into slavery at auctions, come on.

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