Monday, May 25, 2015

Penile Circumcision: Why


Have you heard of this case yet? A mother has been battling against her son's father for years over the boy's circumcision, and she finally had to cave when she was told that she would be held in jail until she signed papers giving her consent for the entirely unnecessary procedure that the kid apparently doesn't want.

Penile circumcision (called male circumcision by people who equate genitals with gender) is common in our society, largely only because parents worry that in the future, their sons (whether they are actually boys are not) will be unable to get laid. There are entire organizations dedicated to being extremely upset about this and comparing it to clitoral mutilation all the time which is why I don't like them.

But I am against any mutilation of a child's body when it's not medically necessary. Risk of infection of an uncircumcised penis is still low. There's no good reason to do it other than to conform to pointless physical aesthetic standards. And threatening to keep a woman in jail until she agrees to unnecessary surgery on her child? Is that legal? Is that a thing we do? And why are all these probably male judges siding with the father? It's not medically necessary. The kid doesn't want it. And at this age, it's going to hurt a lot.

This is all bullshit. The poor woman was completely coerced into giving her consent, knowing that the father would get full power over the kid and/or take him out of state to get the surgery done while she was sitting in jail anyway. All for a kid's future sexual needs that may not even manifest. There's so many layers of awful to this case and I feel like I probably haven't even thought of them all. Hostility to consent. Asexual erasure. Heteronormativity and cissexism. Mutilating the bodies of babies for no reason.

Can we please get rid of this pointless cultural norm? The moment it becomes normal for people with penises to be uncircumcised, there will be no reason for the majority of parents to have their infants mutilated.

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Senzu said...

This is only an issue in the U.S. most of the world do not cut their babies, and when it's seen anywhere else, it's mainly for religious reasons, or in rare cases medical reason where it's needed due to a present medical condition. The U.S. is very backward thinking, although it's believed otherwise.