Monday, May 25, 2015

Memorial Day


Being pretty much entirely anti-war, especially the way my country conducts it, I don't typically talk about or generally acknowledge Memorial Day. But as Ijeoma Oluo reminds us, there are people who should be remembered today.

Not the people who chose to become soldiers because of some sense of honor or duty or whatever word they use to cover up wanting to go to other countries to kill people. But the people they kill, the people they rape and abuse and destroy and leave with nothing - they can be honored. Remember all the Iraqis who have had their homes destroyed by drones for no reason. And their schools, and their neighbors and families as well. Never forget that most if not all of the "terrorists" there exist because the US created them.

And remember all the people who became soldiers because they had little other choice. Whether they were abducted as children and forced into it under threat of death, or had no other means to support themselves and their families.

And if you can bear to think of it, remember the women and girls who are raped to demoralize their communities. Remember why these wars happen in the first place. And check out Ijeoma Oluo's Twitter today, because she's remembering them well, and taking down the people who want her to stop reminding people.

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