Wednesday, May 6, 2015

#HowToSpotAFeminist: What Are Anti-Feminists Even Trying to Do?

I'm starting to wonder if anti-feminist trolls have been infiltrated by a secret force of hacker feminists, because seriously, this shit always blows up in their faces.

I know that trolls on 8chan and whatever plan out these hashtags to upset feminists, and I've seen them claim that they knew feminists would reclaim the hashtags and did it because they thought it was funny to get feminists all upset, but this has happened so many times already and every time it does it only inspires us and also is awesome. Like, seeing feminists reclaim the hashtag and then having articles pop up about the gloriousness of the takeover is wonderful and empowering. And then we get all this support from people who are like "it's horrible that sexism like this still exists!" and vowing to support feminism in the face of gross anti-feminist nonsense.

Honestly, for feminists it's like five seconds of outrage and then an entire day of beautiful snark followed by support and everyone talking about how fucking awesome feminism is and how shitty and worthless anti-feminists are. Your "trolling" is like a refreshing breeze, like an oasis in a hot desert. It's invigorating, like a feminist holiday. Probably the best day out of any month, since this shit seems to happen every other month.

I seriously just don't get what anti-feminists/trolls think they're going to get out of it unless they're secretly feminists.

I mean.

Thanks for softballing that one to us, guys.

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