Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Dear Men


Immediately cease creating rape scenes in all forms of fiction wherein the victim is female. You have demonstrated yourselves to be massive failures when it comes to possessing the understanding and sensitivity to do it right.

Yes, I am talking about the recent Game of Thrones episode. No, I didn't see it. I can't watch shows like Game of Thrones, and THIS IS WHY.

I might even go so far as to say that all people who are not rape survivors should stop making rape scenes period. If you don't know how it feels to be a survivor in a world where rape is constantly thrown around as a fucking plot device, making practically all non-Disney channel television unsafe and reminding you that the rest of the world can look at rape as a handy way to develop the character of a dude who isn't even the victim or tell the audience "look, this guy is evil," then for the love of all that is and ever will be, DON'T. DO NOT. YOU WILL DO IT WRONG.


Matthew Lane said...

Dear feminist,
in reply to you kind request to "Immediately cease creating rape scenes in all forms of fiction wherein the victim is female," we men can only answer no.

Your feelings do not get to dictate to others what they can and cannot create in art: In art all is permissible, which means that plot immunity by gender because your feelz got hurt is not the concern of any true creator, be they author, film maker, or sketch artist.
If you have a problem with it, then that is in fact your problem to deal with. Please do not try to saddle everyone else with your particular mental bug bears.

Kind Regards
Men who won't stop publishing a thing just because you don't like it.

Lindsey Weedston said...

Then by all means, exercise your right to be a massive asshole who doesn't give a fuck about other people. But don't be surprised if you're called out for being a completely soulless shitbag who thinks that triggering awful psychological pain and PTSD symptoms while also trivializing rape by using it as a fucking plot device is "hurting feelz" or something that I simply don't like.

Get the fuck off my blog, you hangnail of a human being.