Monday, April 27, 2015



One of those fun things we women have to worry about that men never ever ever ever will is mirrors in bathrooms. Any time time you have a small, one-person bathroom with no wall between the mirror and the toilet, there is a chance that it's a two-way mirror put up by fucking disgusting men who specifically get off or want to profit off of men who get off on violating our consent.

There have been multiple incidents of women discovering two-way mirrors in bars and clubs, and some of these are put there so that the owners can charge men to watch women in the bathroom without the woman knowing. This is a form of sexual assault known as voyeurism, and these bar and club owners are totally willing to make money off of violating scores of women.

The latest case is from a bar in Chicago called Cigars and Stripes (ew). While the discovery of mirrors like this no longer surprises me because rape culture, the owner's response when questioned by a Jezebel writer goes to whole new levels of gross and fucked up and misogynistic and hateful and hostile toward consent.

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I don't know what's most disturbing about this. Was it the fact that they have their staff answering the phone by saying "bathroom mirror"? Or the owner saying "Do you know how much joy that mirror has brought to us?" Or calling the writer "honey" multiple times? Or just the entire ranty nature of the call?

I can only hope that the reason this owner guy was ranting like that is because they've gotten inundated with calls about the mirror and he's starting to crack. Fuck him, he deserves it. I hope his shit bar gets shut down. He should be arrested, imprisoned, and registered as a sex offender for life.

But he won't. Because rape culture.

And this is rape culture. This is not some teenager in his mom's basement trolling women. This is a grown man with a well-established business who thinks it's perfectly good business to subject who knows how many women for who knows how many years to sexual assault and who thinks this is simply "making people uncomfortable."

Our bodies are nothing more than good business to him. Our privacy, our humanity don't matter. He'll happily continue using our dignity as a sideshow and our lack of consent as a selling point. Him and so many others.

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