Thursday, April 23, 2015

Video of Rich White Dudes Being Massive Assholes

So some guy decided to pretend to be homeless for a day so that he could give other people money and see how they would react. He sat on the sidewalk with a sign that said "No one has ever become poor from giving" and when people would decline to give him money, he would offer them some cash instead, saying that he wanted to help them out, or that he wanted to feel rich by giving other people a little help.

A lot of people in the video did not react well to this. Especially white dudes.

You really only need to watch the first 30 seconds or so to see the rich guy who literally says "I could fucking buy you."

Some people are so super offended by the guy dressed up as a homeless man trying to give them ten bucks that they cuss him out. I think the underlying message that rich people are no better than homeless people becomes loud and clear at that point, and said rich people get really pissed off because they think they are better that others because of their money. So when someone tries to "flip the script" and do something that's supposed to be part of the rich dude status (giving money to the "less fortunate"), it's like that's being taken away from them. Entitled assholes that they are, they become offended at best, or in the case of a couple men, enraged and borderline violent.

The male ego is super fragile, you know.

There was only like one guy and two women who responded positively to being given money by someone they thought was homeless. Even the woman in the video who does respond positively seems pretty condescending, at least to me.

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