Friday, April 17, 2015

The US is Actually Not Better

This CNN article is amazing for two reasons.

Women in the world: Where the U.S. falters in quest for equality

Not only is this great for shoving in the faces of those guys who demand that feminist in the US stop talking about problems in the US because THOSE OTHER COUNTRIES™ have it so much worse, so we of course can't address any issues that might actually be perpetuated by the dudes demanding we focus on Other Countries™, how very convenient.

Actually, dudes, the US kinda sucks a lot. We're not better than Sudan. Or Palau. Or Thailand. Or Ecuador. Or Afghanistan.

It also works for those unfortunate white feminists who talk about countries like the ones above like they need our grand White Feminist Help™ because they're too shitty to help themselves. Check it out, my fellow white feminists! The US is worse than a lot of countries in a lot of ways! So please stop.

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