Wednesday, April 29, 2015

"Sexism is Soooooo Over"

Except oh wait haha nope it's worse than ever.

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[Chart title: "If I pay, I think that a woman should have sex in return." Chart shows 21% of men age 18-25 said yes, 18% of men age 26-35 said yes, 14% of men 36-45 said yes, and 12% of men 46-65 said yes]

There are a lot of people who like to say that sexism is dying out as the older "actually sexist" generations die out. So we just have to wait for sexism to be over, right? Except that chart up there, taken from the 2013 study, "Who Pays for Dates? Following versus Challenging Conventional Gender Norms," shows that deeply entitled and sexist beliefs are more likely to be held among our younger generations.

Womp womp.

Believing that women owe men sex for any reason is a serious problem. This is part of why rape happens and why so many men get violent when women say no. They believe they're entitled to sex because they shelled out a few bucks for dinner on a date. Or held a door open for us. Or showed us the basic level of decency or pretended to recognize our humanity. And when you take away something that they believe they deserve, they tend to become enraged. As is constantly illustrated by submissions to the Instagram account Bye Felipe (massive trigger warning for fat hatred, violent rhetoric, threats including rape threats, pretty much every awful thing you can think of).

And this is why I believe that any change is dependent on men actually changing the way they think about women and sex. I know it's sooooo haaaaaaard but seriously, we're not getting anywhere. Do the fucking work.

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