Monday, April 27, 2015

RIP Rachel Bryk


Rachel Brkk, another trans woman driven to suicide. She was subjected to an immense amount of awful, transmisogynistic harassment from the gaming community. She was a game developer who made GameCube and Wii emulators, and was celebrated for her extremely helpful nature. When she started to talk about committing suicide online, commenters encouraged her to follow through. One of them told her that jumping off a bridge isn't hard. So she did.

And I wonder how many trans women have to die? How many of them will we have to list as reasons to fucking treat trans women as people, and to stop harassing people online? Should I not bother? Is it better to just celebrate her life? Am I using her to push a cause that seems to be going nowhere?

These are thoughts I have, but I promise I will never stop defending and fighting for trans women. Her harassers should be pursued and prosecuted for murder. I will accept nothing less as justice.

For now, support those who treated Rachel as human. Who saw her for who she is and loved her for it. I have to say it like that because there is a significant chance that her family rejected her for being a trans woman.

Rachel Bryk deserved better. I condemn my own community for failing to drive out those who harassed her and those who would defend or tolerate harassment. We must do better. This is life and death.

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