Tuesday, April 28, 2015

"Riots Are the Language of the Unheard" -MLK

Every time there's a protest involving black people, they have to deal with the calls of my fellow white people to "stay peaceful." And every time, any tiny bit of violence automatically makes it a "riot," which is code for "large groups of black people doing shit that scares white people."

Black people have been trying to explain to my fellow white people for a very, very long time that riots are not only understandable reactions of people who have to worry about being shot for being black no matter where they are (because cops might bust down your door and shoot you and then go "oops wrong house"), and that you can't complain about riots over black children being beaten to death by cops if you don't complain about white people rioting over sports, AND stOP QUOTING MLK TO COMPLAIN ABOUT BLACK PEOPLE DOING THINGS.

But again and again, it's the same narrative. Black people are pushed to the brink, they fight back, mainstream news goes "RIOTS EVERYWHERE LOOK AT THIS PICTURE OF A SHOE ON FIRE" while ignoring all the photos and video footage of cops and white people instigating violence and white people at home go "mweh mweh violence doesn't solve anything."

If violence doesn't solve anything, why do we even have cops?

Here are more black people who are saying all of these things which I am only repeating, because I learned it all from them.

hey, step back with the riot shaming - Older piece countering the classic anti-riot arguments.

11 Stunning Images Highlight the Double Standard of Reactions to Riots Like Baltimore

All of Etta Jameson's Twitter timeline oh my god.

Really just find black Twitter right now and read while continuously shutting up if you're white.

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