Monday, April 27, 2015

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I don't know if I've explicitly talked about language on this blog yet. It's one of those things that have become so obvious to me, as a feminist and a writing major, that I forget other people aren't aware of it.

The trigger warnings above apply to this piece:

Fuck Her Raw: On Language and Seduction

The stories in this article disturb and anger me. I feel myself in them, as someone who has so much trouble with real-life confrontation. It makes me want to deliberately go out and find one of those gross pick up artists just so I can loudly and solidly reject them. And chase them off with a feminist rant. Seriously, I want to run after one of these guys yelling at them about consent and oppression and dehumanization. I will stalk them all the way home with my feminist lecture.

Anyway. On language. I'm gonna copy-paste a Facebook comment of mine.

Language is everything. So much of a person's character and beliefs and socialization and the general way they view the world is revealed in the subtle way they use their words. Most people don't even notice, but it's incredibly revealing how so much of our language around sex is not only violent, but one-sided. Men fuck women. Women get fucked by men. Women get ravaged and slammed and screwed and banged. Men "score." Men "get some." The very work "fuck" has that hard K sound that makes it aggressive.

If you haven't yet, start paying attention to the way people, especially men, talking about women and sex and sexuality. Note the aggressive and violent language, and be horrified.

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