Thursday, April 16, 2015

Recommended Reading

Hold the Applause: Why Backlash Against Indiana’s Homophobic Religious Freedom Bill Isn’t Really About Social Justice

This piece, posted on one of the best websites ever, points out the very important intersection of LGBTQAIP+ issues and classism. Classism is unique in that it is almost always intersecting with other forms of oppression, as oppressed groups universally have lesser access to employment, financial resources, and community support. This is why issues faced by white women get more attention than those experienced more often or exclusively by women of color, and it's why issues experienced by rich white gay people get more attention and support than trans issues or problems like the homelessness among LGBTQAIP+ persons.

And it's why you should always be somewhat skeptical when so many corporations are supporting a social justice cause. What are their real motives? Read the article by KJ Ward to find out.

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