Monday, April 13, 2015

Recommended Reading


More brilliance by Brittney Cooper.

Black death has become a cultural spectacle: Why the Walter Scott tragedy won’t change White America’s mind

This piece reflects the same sentiment of my piece about demands for proof. There's proof of widespread anti-black racism right in front of all of our white faces, but what good has that done? What's changed? What will it take for my fellow white people to stop dismissing each every-28-hours incident as "isolated"?

Police officers (of all races and genders) routinely act with excessive force and callous disregard toward Black people. But Black people’s witness of racial atrocity is never believed on its own merits. Instead, white people need to be able to pull up a chair and watch the lynchings take place over and over again, to DVR them, fast forward and rewind through them, to smother Black pain and outrage and fear in an avalanche of cold, “rational” analysis. Meanwhile, minds rarely change.

Read the whole thing. This is required reading if you're white.

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Tea.EarlGrey.Hot. said...

I find it infuriating that they didnt care about Tamir Rice. It's enraging that they don't care about any of them, but if any of the stories could open their eyes, it would be his. WTF people.