Monday, April 20, 2015


This is such a cute story, brace yourselves.

Parrots in burning house call "help" and "fire"

When firefighters arrived, they heard noises inside the house which led them to believe there were people inside. 
Once they got the flames contained, though, they discovered that the noises were actually coming from two parrots that were "talking". 
Firefighters say the birds were actually saying "Help!" and "Fire!" 
Crews removed the birds from the home and gave them oxygen. They are expected to be all right.

At the link you can see a photo of one of the parrots all cuddled inside a firefighter's vest being given oxygen.

Maybe other people don't think parrots are adorable and amazing but I do. They didn't cry for help because they were imitating someone, because no one was home at the time. They knew that there was a fire and that the correct response was to call for help and say "fire!"


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