Thursday, April 30, 2015

How Many Rights Can Police Violate in One Incident?

  1. Arrested for no reason after she asked police for help and was refused.
  2. Detained without charges.
  3. Put in a male prison and had her gender changed to "male" on the booking papers despite the fact that legal identification said "female."
  4. Strip searched twice by a total of seven male officers.
  5. Denied essential medical care, which left her with bleeding ulcers that put her in the hospital.
Just a day in the life of a black trans woman in a country that clearly doesn't see such people as people.

This happened a day after the woman, Sadaisha Shimmers, posted a video saying she wanted to speak to Hillary Clinton about the massive transphobia problems in the U.S. That's a little fucking suspect.

You can read the whole story here, plus see a video of Sadaisha describing what happened to her. She wants people to spread the story around. People need to know that police have no problem with monumentally violating the basic legal rights of black trans women.

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