Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Autism Is

Speaking of autism, I just found this great post on Tumblr by an autistic person explaining to a message from someone asking why they would want to "preserve" autism. It pretty much answers all your allistic questions.

Check out the response on their blog here.

It's short, but the whole thing is incredible. Especially this:

Autism is not the terror, the disaster, the monster you have been taught it is. Autism is my hands flapping happily when a pretty song comes on, Autism is me staying up for hours researching my favourite topic, Autism is me quacking to communicate, Autism is the calm I feel when I’m in a small quiet dark room, Autism is me interpreting your sarcasm as literal, Autism is my mind shutting down when I have too much sensory input, Autism is me not recognising faces, Autism is feeling my emotions so intensely, Autism is so many of my experiences, positive and negative and a bit of both.

Autism is only difficult because we allistic people make it difficult for them.

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