Thursday, April 16, 2015

Amazing Women of Color

Unsurprisingly, I only recently heard of the modern feminist revolution going on over in China.

Five Chinese feminists held over International Women's Day plans.

Apparently, in China, you can be detained for "picking quarrels and creating a disturbance," which is like all feminists do (and proud of it), so of course these Chinese feminists are 10,000% more awesome than me and my fellow white feminists. Also it gets them arrested.

I believe all but one of them have now been released but are still facing charges.

The protests they've been doing are also super badass.

Li Tingting, better known as Li Maizi, took part in an “Occupy the Men’s Toilets” campaign to demonstrate the inadequacy of women’s facilities and has paraded through the streets in a wedding dress splashed with blood to increase awareness of domestic violence.

Damn. I've never marched in a wedding dress covered in blood.

Anyway, these amazing feminists need our support. Spread the word.

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