Friday, March 27, 2015

US Anti-Black Racism Update

Floyd Dent. Miraculously, he's still alive after being pulled from his car after being stopped for nothing, beaten, choked, kicked, and repeatedly tasered. All of this was caught on video.

“I’m lucky to be living. I think they was trying to kill me, especially when they had choked me,” Dent told WDIV, with tears streaming down his face. “I mean, I was on my last breath. I kept telling the officer, ‘Please, I can’t breathe.”’

Will any of the officers be charged? Well, not all of them have even been placed on administrative leave so hahahahahaha no, they won't.

The town where this happened is 75% black people with a mostly white police force. Reverand Charles Williams II of the town, called Inkster, has promised to shut down the city if there's no justice.

I hope they do. We need more protests. Nothing has changed. Nothing has improved. Ferguson isn't over, but people have forgotten anyway.

Shut it down.

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