Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Trans Day of Visibility

March 31 is the annual Trans Day of Visibility! Celebrating the existence of trans and non-binary persons everywhere, because they have so little representation in media that they're practically invisible to the larger population except as jokes.

Trans people are real people. Non-binary people are real people. They're not jokes.

If you're cis and you haven't yet taken the time to read about the experiences of trans and non-binary persons, followed their blogs, or even familiarize yourself with common terms, DO IT. You need to start looking at trans people as human beings and push out all those old messages from media that say they're nothing more than jokes and gags.

If you're on social media, find selfies of trans and non-binary individuals and share them. Make sure all your friends get to see some amazing trans faces.

If you want to do more for trans people:

10 Things You Can Do For Transgender Day Of Visibility

This was written by a trans person, so it's legit. I would also suggest that you use your Facebook account to shove information about trans people into the faces of your more ignorant friends and family members.

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