Monday, March 30, 2015

This is Where Anti-Choice Shit Leads


Indiana sentences Purvi Patel to decades in prison for what she says was a miscarriage.

It starts with immigrant women of color, of course.

The entire trial was a farce. They found no abortion drugs in her system, they used an archaic "test" that was found to be bullshit literally hundreds of years ago to decide that the fetus could have survived outside the womb.

So she gets 30 years in prison for what was almost certainly a miscarriage that she would have only induced herself because she had no access to abortion after what had all the justice and legitimacy of a witch trial.

Anti-choicers care so little about the people who carry fetuses that they would destroy the life of this woman because, what, she once expressed a desire to exercise her bodily autonomy in a text message? There is no justice.

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