Wednesday, March 4, 2015

The Proper Way to Deal With Harassers

In a telephone interview with USA TODAY Sports on Tuesday, Schilling spoke candidly about his initial reaction to the vile tweets. In particular, he focused on two strings of tweets that were sent by two men: A New York Yankees part-time ticket sales employee that Schilling identified through internet search as Sean MacDonald and a DJ at Brookdale Community College in New Jersey identified by Schilling as Adam Nagel. Since Schilling first outed the duo on his personal blog, 38Pitches, Nagel has been suspended from Brookdale Community College and MacDonald has been fired by the Yankees, according to


These tweets were directed at a rich guy's daughter. Now can this please happen every time a woman is harassed online?

I'm seriously tempted to learn how to be a hacker just so I can expose each and every asshole harasser who pulls shit like this.

While Schilling confirmed that his daughter was handling the incident with remarkable maturity — “My daughter, thank God, has some of my resilience,” he said — he and the family plan to push for full criminal charges to be levied against Nagel, MacDonald and anyone else who tweeted sexual threats directed at Gabby Schilling.


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